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How to spell ANNOT correctly?

If you meant to write "annot" but realized it was a misspelling, let's correct it together! "Annot" could instead be "a not", "an not" or "anot". These suggestions all convey the meaning of negation, making it clearer in your writing. Remember to proofread to catch such errors in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell annot correctly

  • Ain't
  • Anent
  • Ann Ann is an accomplished musician, having performed in orchestras across the country.
  • anna Anna is a talented musician and singer.
  • Anne Anne is my favorite character in the novel I'm currently reading.
  • Annie
  • annoy The loud music from the party next door is starting to annoy me.
  • annoys The sound of the tapping on the keyboard really annoys me.
  • ANON
  • ant
  • Anton I heard that Anton won the award for best actor in a leading role.
  • arno
  • aunt My aunt is coming to visit me this weekend.
  • Cannot
  • carnot Carnot's theorem states that no heat engine can be more efficient than a Carnot heat engine operating between the same high-temperature and low-temperature reservoirs.
  • gannet The gannet swooped down into the water to catch a fish.
  • ingot The blacksmith melted the metal ingot to create a new tool.
  • knot The sailor tied a knot in the rope to secure the boat to the dock.
  • not
  • snot I coughed and spat out the mucus in my throat, clearing the path for a new batch of snot to

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