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How to spell ANUTS correctly?

If you're searching for "anuts" but meant to type something else, here are a few possible correct suggestions. Did you mean "peanuts", the delicious and nutritious snack? Or perhaps "anxiety", a feeling of unease? Maybe you were after "addons", additional features for software? Double-check your spelling and find what you're looking for!

List of suggestions on how to spell anuts correctly

  • abuts The property abuts the park, giving the homeowner a scenic view.
  • andes
  • angus "The best burger I ever had was made with angus beef.
  • ans
  • ant
  • ante I raised the ante in the poker game by placing $50 on the table.
  • Antes
  • anti The anti-vaccine movement has gained traction in recent years despite scientific evidence showing the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.
  • Ants An ant colony is a complex social organization of ants.
  • antsy I'm a little antsy to start my vacation.
  • ANZUS Australia, New Zealand, and the United States are members of the ANZUS alliance.
  • arts I enjoy spending my Saturday afternoons exploring the local museums and art galleries to discover new and exciting forms of arts.
  • ATS The new ATS system will streamline the recruiting process for our company.
  • aunts I have three aunts in my family.
  • autos Autos are an expensive form of transportation.
  • cants
  • inputs I need multiple inputs to run this program.
  • Inuits The Inuits have a long history of surviving in the harsh Arctic environment.
  • nets The basketball players were practicing their shooting skills by tossing the ball into the nets.
  • nits The school principal sent out a notice to parents warning of a lice infestation and urging them to check their children's hair for nits.
  • nuts I love eating mixed nuts as a snack.
  • onus
  • OUTS The outs in the final inning were crucial for the home team to secure the win.
  • pants I always wear pants.
  • peanuts I enjoy eating peanuts as they are a healthy snack.
  • rants Jenny will not tolerate any rants about politics or religion at the dinner table.
  • units The company's new product has sold thousands of units in its first month on the market.
  • wants

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