How to spell ANZITY correctly?

We think the word anzity is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell anzity correctly

  • amnesty 1771. 2. Governor Martin met the Assembly, for the first time, in New Bern, on the 19th of November, 1771. At his suggestion, the Legislature passed an act of amnesty toward all persons engaged in the war of the Regulation except Husbands and a few other leaders.
  • angst A few, unable to compete effectively with slave labor, enamored of easy riches, or out of angst, continued to maintain the Brethren of the Coasts as a purely criminal organization which preyed upon all civilian maritime shipping.
  • anise In June 2012, the Washington State Department of Ecology released a report titled: Deschutes River, Capitol Lake, and Budd Inlet Temperature, Fecal Coliform Bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and Fine Sediment Total Maximum Daily Load Technical Report - Water Quality Study Findings by scientists; Mindy Roberts, Anise Ahmed, Greg Pelletier, and David Osterberg This study provided information in a question and answer format.
  • annuity You see, we-we have had some very unusual and very heavy expenses, and I have overdrawn my annuity -borrowed on it.
  • anoint (8) Take peony seeds and beat them into a powder, and mix the powder with oil, with which oil anoint the privities of the woman and child; it will give her deliverance speedily, and with less pain than can be imagined.
  • ant Hard to get by as a lawyer-plant, Tackles his man like a bull-dog ant- Fetches him over too!
  • ante The moral atmosphere of the court seemed to indicate an approaching storm; the courtiers and the ladies of the court avoided meeting in the ante-chambers and the corridors in order not to converse on compromising subjects.
  • anti Not long after, he was joined by the latter as an associate editor of The Genius of Universal Emancipation, an anti-slavery paper which he had established at Baltimore.
  • anxiety
  • azt I think you should see a doctor.
  • enmity The enmity between the two tribes was fierce.
  • entity The entity in question is not a person.
  • inanity I cannot think of anything more inane than that.
  • incite
  • inuit
  • nasty She had a nasty burn on her hand.
  • unit
  • unite She urged them to unite against the common enemy.
  • unity We all need to strive for unity in order to move forward.
  • Anita And, to that, Anita Haldgren granted not even a word of reply.
  • Andy The two were now racing furiously, and Andy, with a savage look, tried to get more speed out of his car.
  • Ants An ant colony is the basic unit of organization for ants.
  • Inuits The Inuits are a group of people who live in the Arctic region.
  • units
  • ANSI OSHA and ANSI provide precise specification for barricade tape colors.
  • antsy I'm always antsy when I have to wait.

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