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Possible correct spellings for ao

  • aa 1848 : Fitzroy Island and Islet Trinity Bay : 16 : 6 : 4.4 : 73 to 79 : 0 18 25 W : - : Centre of North side of Islet : 16 43 26 S : *One measurement : AA.
  • ab And Pliny says, "Alpes Gcrmaniam ab Italia submovent."
  • ac dis per'sion di ver'sion as per'sion ex cep'tion e lec'tion con di'tion a tone'ment a gree'ment dec're ment de'i fy stu'pe fy sat'is fy an noy'ance ac cord'ance con cord'ance oc cur'rence ab hor'rence in dul'gence a mu'sive con clu'sive of fen'sive cur'so ry ar'mo ry man'da to ry dan'ger ous li'bel ous har mo'ni ous
  • ado Without more ado, never caring because it is the deepest here of any part of the river, he jumps in after it, and I after him; and well I did, for when I caught him by his bonny golden locks, he was insensible.
  • ag And an Ag Ag was he made, forthwith.
  • ago "That was a year ago.
  • ai Inside Chapel, Miss Powers lead Cui Ai to altar where wait Groom and Minister, while Miss Sterling all time play Wedding March of Honorable Mendelssohn.
  • ak Ak seid-er kvndon sina forsta mith-a Golum spreka.
  • al Al hesitated between the visible antagonism of the ward and the mystery of the white screen.
  • an "What an odd name.
  • ar The principal rocks are the Cornengen, Schomeur, Cornoc-ar-Goulet-Bas-ven, Madiou and Ar-men.
  • as " As you like," he muttered.
  • at Now look at this."
  • au He went out on the veranda to see if the Champ-au-Haut carriage was in sight.
  • av The Willie-boy engineer from who I've been takin' me orders has sneaked away to Dry Bottom for a couple av days, shovin' the raysponsibility on me-an' I ain't feelin' up to it.
  • ax The Germans gave us one ax, a telephone pole and one guard with a rifle.
  • az Now i don't advise ennybody else tew depend for their learning upon sich prekarious school masters, the best way iz tew follow the ruts, it will take you to town just az it did yure daddy.
  • co Van Cash and Co.
  • io "Apollo, tua merce, tua merce, santo Collegio delle Muse, io non mi trovo Tanto per voi, ch'io possa farmi un manto
  • mao The avifauna of American Samoa include a total of 65 species, of which 5 have been introduced by humans, 14 are rare or accidental and 1 species, the Mao, is extirpated.
  • so I sed so 'fore."
  • tao 30. 1. He who would assist a lord of men in harmony with the Tao will not assert his mastery in the kingdom by force of arms.
  • Ah " Ah, I am sorry for that.
  • Apo mailing address: American Embassy Riga, PSC 78, Box Riga, APO AE 09723
  • GAO Two examples of major GAO investigations in the 2000s were the audits of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Defense Department airline reimbursements.
  • AF Haki konungr fekk sv['a] st['o]r s['a]r, at hann s['a], at hans l['i]fdagar mundu eigi langir verdha; th['a] l['e]t hann taka skeidh, er hann ['a]tti, ok l['e]t hladha daudhum m[o,]nnum, ok v['a]pnum, l['e]t th['a] flytja ['u]t til hafs ok leggja st['y]ri {69} ['i] lag ok draga upp segl, en leggja eld ['i] tyrvidh ok gera b['a]l ['a] skipinu; vedhr st['o]dh af landi; Haki var th['a] at kominn daudha edha daudhr, er hann var lagidhr ['a] b['a]lit; sigldhi skipit s['i]dhan loganda ['u]t ['i] haf, ok var thetta allfraegt lengi s['i]dhan.
  • AOL The value of each acquisition is listed in US dollars because AOL is headquartered in the United States.
  • AP These were repeatedly attacked and burnt by the Welsh during the 12th and 13th centuries, notably by Griffith ap Rhys in 1113, by his son the Lord Rhys in 1189, by his grandsons acting in concert with Llewelyn the Great in 1215, and by the last Prince Llewelyn in 1257.
  • AW Aw now, where are ye goin'?
  • AM "Yes, I am sure it was right to be done, and I am glad it is done.
  • BO There was a silence and then Swanson added: And say, Bo, this Williams is in trouble.
  • unamazing

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