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How to spell AOUGHT correctly?

The misspelling "aought" could possibly be corrected to "ought", which means should or must or "aught", which means anything or nothing. Other possible suggestions may include "oughta" as a slang version of "ought to" or "auto" as an abbreviation for automobile.

List of suggestions on how to spell aought correctly

  • alight
  • aright
  • aught I can't seem to find aught in the fridge to eat for breakfast.
  • Bought I bought a new dress for my friend's wedding.
  • Caught I caught a fish in the lake.
  • dough I am going to make some fresh dough for pizza tonight.
  • doughty Despite her size, the doughty little dog chased after the much larger stray with no fear.
  • Fought The two knights fought valiantly in the tournament.
  • naught He achieved naught despite his best efforts.
  • nought I got lost in the woods and my phone's battery was on nought, so I had to rely on my instincts to find my way back.
  • ought You ought to study harder for the exam if you want to pass.
  • sought After years of searching, he finally found the hidden treasure he had sought for so long.
  • taught My mother taught me how to cook from a very young age.
  • thought I thought it was going to rain today, but the sky is clear now.
  • wrought The blacksmith had wrought an intricate design into the metal.

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