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Correct spelling for AP

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Possible correct spellings for ap

  • aa The pattern for cutting the bearings is shown in Fig. 4. These are bent at the places shown by the dotted lines and attached to the main frame stick as shown by BB in Fig. 3. The end view of the bearing is shown in Fig. 5. The metal is bent in as shown by AA, so that the wheel will rotate without much friction.
  • ab Ab uno disce omnes: which means, "There's one of them: find the rest in your memory."
  • adp The diphosphate group of ADP is attached to the 5’ carbon of the sugar backbone, while the adenosine attaches to the 1’ carbon.
  • ai Whether we sing ah, ai, ee, o, or oo, the original tone produced by the vibrations of the vocal ligaments is in either case absolutely the same, and it takes the form of one vowel or another, solely according to the shape which the "resonator" assumes, and which may be described as a mould into which the tone is cast.
  • alp In the region where the Rhine has its source there towered in ancient times a green Alp. This Alp belonged to an honest peasant, and along with a neat little house in the valley below formed his only possession.
  • amp Many contain the nucleotide adenosine monophosphate (AMP) as part of their structures, such as ATP, coenzyme A, FAD, and NAD+.
  • ape In the shadow of a neighboring house a woman appeared; he shook at the lattice as an ape does at the bars of a cage, and spat a bestial insult at her.
  • apr 2, 1917; Mar 28, Apr 13, May 23, June 21, Sept.
  • apt "But I am apt to use my books at any time," I explain to the salesman.
  • ar "Ah knows dem ar swallers," pleaded the old man.
  • asp For being conceived to be the Lord and King of Serpents, to aw all others, nor to be destroyed by any; the AEgyptians hereby implied Eternity, and the awful power of the supreme Deitie: and therefore described a crowned Asp or Basilisk upon the heads of their gods.
  • atp Cyclops is a computer system co-invented by the British inventor Bill Carlton of Great Britain and Margaret Parnis England of Malta, which is used on the ATP and WTA professional tennis tours as an electronic line judge to help determine whether a serve is in or out.
  • au Isn't everything snug and au fait?
  • bap § 158 (the statute governing appeals in bankruptcy cases) to require all circuits to establish a BAP unless the judicial council of a circuit found that (1) there were insufficient judicial resources in the circuit to do so, or (2) the establishment of a BAP would result in undue delay or increased cost to parties in bankruptcy cases.
  • cap Then he silently lifted his cap and, with no word of farewell, he turned and went down to the gate.
  • gap A great gap had now opened in Jackson's line.
  • hap Then with a sudden gesture, he flung down the revolver which had come from Hap Smith's holster and more recently from old man Adams's fingers, and his hand flashed to his arm pit and back into plain sight, his own weapon in it.
  • lap Cousin E. E.'s little spy-glass lay in her lap.
  • map "I supposed from the map it would be found farther back and considerably to the right of us," I ventured doubtfully.
  • nap Been 'aving a little nap?
  • pap I'm Dave's pap, an' the law gives me the right to his 'arnin's, an' yours, too, until you's both twenty-one years ole.
  • rap They're designed to withstand the slow push of rocket fuel, not the fast rap of an explosion.
  • sap They began at dusk by throwing dynamite bombs into our sap-some burst, some fell blind; but this work was futile, since they had not yet reached sufficiently near to effect any damage.
  • tap Just then I started, for there was a tap at the door-a very soft, gentle tap, and then a hoarse whisper.
  • up He's settin' up housekeepin'.
  • yap How many hours a day do you like to work, Yap?
  • zap After seeing Robert Crumbs Zap Comix #1 (published in February 1968), Lynch immediately converted the Mirror from a newspaper to a comic book and, under his own Bijou Publishing Empire produced the first issue of Bijou Funnies in summer 1968 (with Crumb as one of the contributors).
  • Ah If she's done up-" " Ah!"
  • Apo Monon gar auto legeiv, osper gumnon kai aperemomenon apo ton onton apanton, adunaton.
  • P 7. 2894 Lafaye, p.
  • SP -- D. S. S. longispina Haw. sp. 1-2 elon.
  • AP Gid-ap, my Good Gray Horse.
  • APP App. Oh, Sir, so long as you looks after him, never you mind about his education!
  • AW Aw durnd know; but whether thaa's to climb mony or few thaa'll hev strength gien thee, as aw hev.
  • PP Game, Fish and Parks, Pierre, 37 pp.
  • WP This by-election was the result of the expulsion of Yaw Shin Leong, Member of Parliament (MP) for Hougang Single Member Constituency, from the Workers Party of Singapore (WP).
  • OP 2; La Gaite, Introduction and Polonaise, op.
  • APB ACS: Auxiliary Crane Ship AG: Miscellaneous Auxiliary AGDE: Testing Ocean Escort AGDS: Deep Submergence Support Ship AGER (i): Miscellaneous Auxiliary, Electronic Reconnaissance AGER (ii): Environmental Research Ship AGF: Miscellaneous Command Ship AGFF: Testing Frigate AGL: Auxiliary vessel, lighthouse tender AGM: Missile Range Instrumentation Ship AGOR: Oceanographic Research Ship AGOS: Ocean Surveillance Ship AGP: Motor Torpedo Boat Tender AGS: Surveying Ship AGSE: Submarine and Special Warfare Support AGSS: Auxiliary Research Submarine AGTR: Technical research ship AH: Hospital ship AK: Cargo Ship AKR: Vehicle Cargo Ship AKS: Store Issue Ship AO: Oiler AOE: Fast Combat Support Ship AOR: Replenishment oiler (retired) AOG: Gasoline Tanker AOT: Transport Oiler AP: Transport ARC: Cable Repair Ship (see also Cable layer) ARG: Internal Combustion Engine repair ship APB: Self-propelled Barracks Ship APL: Barracks Craft ARB: Battle Damage Repair Ship ARL: Small Repair Ship ARS: Salvage Ship AS: Submarine tender ASR: Submarine Rescue Ship AT: Ocean-Going Tug ATA: Auxiliary Ocean Tug ATF: Fleet Ocean Tug ATLS Drone Launch Ship ATS: Salvage and Rescue Ship AVB(i): Aviation Logistics Support Ship AVB(ii):Advance Aviation Base Ship AVS: Aviation Stores Issue Ship AVT(i): Auxiliary Aircraft Transport AVT(ii): Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship EPCER: Experimental – Patrol Craft Escort – Rescue ID or Id.

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