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How to spell APAAL correctly?

If you've made the common typo "apaal", fear not! Autocorrect suggestions can guide you to the correct spelling. Options like "apple" or "appal" may pop up, which are plausible alternatives. Remember to double-check and choose the appropriate correction, ensuring your text is error-free.

List of suggestions on how to spell apaal correctly

  • AAA AAA is commonly associated with the American Automobile Association.
  • AAAA The AAAA battery is commonly used in small electronic devices.
  • AAAAA I heard a loud "AAAAA!" coming from the roller coaster as it plummeted down the track.
  • AAAF The AAAF (American Association of Advertising Agencies) is hosting a conference next week.
  • AAAW I shouted "AAAW" when I saw the adorable puppies.
  • AAL I booked an AAL flight for my vacation to Hawaii.
  • AAPL AAPL's latest product release has garnered mixed reviews from tech enthusiasts.
  • AIAA The AIAA hosts an annual conference for showcasing advancements in aerospace engineering.
  • Akmal Akmal is a talented musician who has been gaining recognition for his soulful voice and captivating performances.
  • Algal Algal blooms can result in the depletion of oxygen in aquatic ecosystems.
  • Amaral The Amaral family went on a memorable vacation to a remote island.
  • Anal My doctor recommended an analgesic cream for the pain in my lower back.
  • APA According to the APA guidelines, in-text citations should include the author's last name and the year of publication.
  • APAC APAC stands for Asia-Pacific, which refers to a region of countries located in and around the Pacific Ocean.
  • APACE The team worked apace to meet the project deadline.
  • Apace The car zoomed through the winding roads, quickly gaining speed and disappearing apace.
  • Apart The two friends sat apart from each other during the movie, engrossed in their own thoughts.
  • APAVE APAVE is an internationally recognized company specializing in risk management and technical assistance services.
  • APFA The APFA is a union representing flight attendants at a major airline.
  • Apia Apia is known for its stunning waterfront and colorful markets.
  • Apical The apical portion of the plant is responsible for its growth and development.
  • APL I am currently studying APL, a programming language known for its concise syntax and powerful array-processing capabilities.
  • Appall The graphic images on the news appalled me.
  • Appeal He decided to appeal the court's decision in hopes of obtaining a more favorable outcome.
  • April In April, the flowers bloomed and filled the air with a sweet fragrance.
  • Aral The Aral Sea, once the fourth-largest lake in the world, has significantly shrunk due to human activity.
  • Areal The areal extent of the forest fire has grown over the past few days.
  • Arial Arial is my favorite font to use in professional documents.
  • Aural The musician created a captivating aural experience with his innovative use of electronic sounds.
  • Avail Despite his best efforts, he could not avail himself of the opportunity to attend the prestigious conference.
  • Axial The Earth's rotation is responsible for the axial tilt that causes the change in seasons.
  • Ayala Ayala is a renowned Filipino business conglomerate.
  • Baal The temple was dedicated to the god Baal in ancient Mesopotamia.
  • Jamaal Jamaal was determined to finish the race strong, despite the intense heat.
  • Kraal The tribe gathered around the kraal, a traditional enclosure used to protect their livestock from predators.
  • Opal The opal pendant shimmered in the afternoon sunlight.
  • PAA My sister is a professor at PAA, the prestigious performing arts academy.
  • Paar
  • PaaS PaaS, also known as Platform as a Service, allows developers to focus on coding applications rather than managing infrastructure.
  • PAAs The pharmaceutical company conducted extensive research to develop new PAAs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Pail Please go fetch a pail of water from the well.
  • PAL I have been best friends with my pal since we were kids.
  • Pal I am going to meet my pal at the park for a game of frisbee.
  • Pall The gloomy weather cast a pall over the picnic.
  • Papal The Pope gave a papal blessing to the crowd gathered in St. Peter's Square.
  • Paul Paul is planning to take his dog for a walk in the park tomorrow.
  • Pawl My dog's favorite toy is a pawl, a bone-shaped rubber chew toy.
  • Peal The sound of thunder rolled across the sky, accompanied by a loud peal of thunder.

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