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How to spell APEAK correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "apeak" and want to correct it, there are a few possibilities. One option could be "apex", which refers to the highest point or peak of something. Another option may be "asleep", if you meant to type that word instead. Double-check and choose the appropriate term for a seamless correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell apeak correctly

  • ape The zookeeper noticed the ape swinging from branch to branch in its enclosure.
  • Aped No subject found for " Aped".
  • Apes Fossums are like apes, they are covered in hair.
  • apex The apex of the mountain provided a breathtaking view of the entire valley.
  • apia I think I'll take a trip to Apia.
  • appeal I appeal to you to stop messing with my hair.
  • appear He will appear in court with his lawyer next week.
  • Capek Karel Capek was a Czech writer who coined the term "robot" in his science fiction play "R.U.R".
  • peak She looked up at the peak of the mountain and felt a sense of awe.
  • peaky The peaky mountains in the distance looked daunting but beautiful.
  • peck I love to peck at my birdfeeder.
  • peek I took a quick peek out the window to see if the rain had stopped.
  • perk She chose the perk that gave her a free carriage ride for the day.
  • speak
  • speck She noticed a speck of dust on the corner of the table.

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