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How to spell APEING correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "apeing", there are several correct suggestions that can save the day. Possible alternatives include "aping" (correct spelling), "apinga", "apein" or "apeeng". However, given that "apeing" is already the correct spelling, double-check before making any changes!

List of suggestions on how to spell apeing correctly

  • aching After running the marathon, my legs were left aching for days.
  • acing She's acing her tests with high scores.
  • Adding With so many students in the room, adding more desks couldn't hurt.
  • aging My grandmother is concerned about the effects of aging on her memory.
  • Aiding The relief organization is dedicated to aiding those affected by natural disasters.
  • ailing Allison is suffering from a cold and is ailing.
  • Aiming I am aiming to finish my work before I head out for lunch.
  • airing I am airing the clothes in the sun.
  • Aping Her hypothesis was that humans are aping the animals around them.
  • arcing The electricity was arcing from the wire and causing sparks to fly.
  • arming She was arming herself before walking out the door.
  • awing The crow was awing at the sight.
  • awning The awning was damaged in the storm.
  • Capping The government is considering capping the price of prescription drugs to make them more affordable for everyone.
  • eyeing I was eyeing that laptop over there.
  • gaping The colossal moon was gaping wide open.
  • japing I was japing with the girl nextdoor and she punched me in the eye.
  • lapping The sound of waves lapping against the shore was incredibly relaxing.
  • mapping I need to mapping out our new strategy.
  • napping I was napping when the phone rang.
  • opening The opening act was really good.
  • opting
  • peeing
  • Pieing Pieing someone in the face is not an acceptable way to express your frustrations.
  • ping I need to ping my connection to check for errors.
  • raping
  • rapping She started rapping when she was just 12 years old.
  • Sapping The constant rain was sapping my energy and enthusiasm for the outdoor activities.
  • taping The detective was taping the dead body.
  • tapping She was tapping her foot impatiently while waiting for the bus.
  • upping
  • yapping
  • zapping After my zapping, no bugs were pests anymore.

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