Correct spelling for APIRATION

We think the word apiration is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for apiration

  • Aeration(Definition of aeration)
  • It is a wrong though common practice to press the surface of the soil in the pot in order to feel if it is moist enough, as this soon consolidates it, and prevents it from getting the full benefit of aeration.

  • Adoration(Definition of adoration)
  • An old parish priest, pilgrim from some valley of the apennines, who knelt beside me, cried and quivered with excess of adoration.

  • Oration(Definition of oration)
  • The report of the latter may well be generally correct inasmuch as there were spanish witnesses present, but the account of this oration, delivered prior to the arrival of the spanish invaders, is clearly open to a suspicion that it may be more or less imaginary.

  • Operation(Definition of operation)
  • Phraseology as to "course of action", "operation", and "task".

  • Aspiration(Definition of aspiration)
  • The ideal within "socialism" which makes even its opponents socialists is the aspiration that some day everyone will be favourably environed.

  • Approbation(Definition of approbation)
  • Indeed, his approbation of the boys was by no means so scrupulously disguised as he had led the schoolmaster to suppose, inasmuch as it broke out in sundry loud whispers and confidential remarks which were perfectly audible to them every one.

  • Evaporation(Definition of evaporation)
  • It still required, however, to be concentrated by evaporation; and for this purpose the pan was transferred to a slow fire, where it was kept until the liquid became thickened by the heat.

  • Apportion(Definition of apportion)
  • It is impossible, of course, altogether to apportion blame, to say that in each several instance it was the catholic that was the aggressor; but at least it is true to say that it was catholic principles that were the occasion and catholic claims the unhappy cause of all this incalculable flood of human misery.

  • Apparition(Definition of apparition)
  • I have just corrected the proofs of an article on blood for the "hibbert journal," which, i think, will make people sit up and rub their eyes at the apparition of a new great writer of english.

342 words made from the letters apiration

3 letter words made from apiration:

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5 letter words made from apiration:

opara, otira, ionia, rinat, aaron, trani, iatro, riant, prana, apiin, priti, trian, ianto, orana, patri, apari, apron, rapti, atrio, pirna, inara, apion, inari, paano, piata, parai, intra, prion, nario, orani, irani, piton, pinto, paint, napro, trapa, tripa, ratan, arano, taian, piani, niari, tapao, proti, praia, iraan, intro, tiaan, arain, ariot, torna, tripi, opina, anoia, irati, otara, prati, artin, patro, panto, niort, arpin, nitro, paino, paria, pinot, paani, rinoa, patar, ponti, riaan, airan, artio, apart, apini, train, patna, pinar, parni, pirot, orant, paoni, panir, piran, tiran, apian, paion, point, pitra, ranta, inori, piron, tapan, parit, naota, tapia, oirat, nitai, aiona, tanoa, topia, noria, nairi, niota, proia, aorta, patni, parti, atoni, torii, ritan, raita, arato, pitar, onair, tropa, pirin, patai, atina, taipa, inapt, narai, print, tinio, otani, aiton, atrai, prato, arani, porta, tiara, raion, prata, opata, rinta, patrn, poria, naito, ipana, tapir, ranat, ratio, apito, prita, tarna, patan, riano, piano, atroa, piana, atnip, naira, atrip, parta, ratna, patia, tapon, pairi, anari, ropin, ratin, natio, tipao, panta, nipro, tipon, otari, apria, patio, nirta, taira, pirat, paton, panti, priit, antai, aitor, parot, paita, taani, arati, rotan, tanii, pitri, trion, nitra, intar, rioni, ation, atora, panai, riata, tiano, tapai, aparo, aarti, anpao, irion, oiran, parto, orpin, tapin.