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How to spell APLITOMY correctly?

The correct spelling for "aplitomy" is "epitome". Commonly misspelled, "epitome" refers to a perfect example or representation of something. To avoid confusion, it is recommended to double-check one's spelling and use spell-check tools to ensure accuracy, especially with tricky words like "epitome".

List of suggestions on how to spell aplitomy correctly

  • Alimony After their divorce was finalized, Jane was granted alimony from her ex-husband to help support herself and their children.
  • Alito Justice Alito has been serving on the Supreme Court since 2006.
  • Anatomy The study of anatomy involves a detailed examination of the body's structure and how its parts relate to each other.
  • Aplomb She handled the difficult situation with grace and aplomb.
  • Auditory I enjoy listening to audiobooks because they provide a unique auditory experience.
  • Autotomy Spiders are known for their autotomy ability, as they can purposely detach their legs when threatened.
  • Epitome She is the epitome of grace and sophistication.

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