Correct spelling for APPILATION

We think the word appilation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for appilation

  • Ablation(Definition of ablation)
  • Yoshiyuki fujii, a professor at the national institute of polar research designed an experiment that showed ablation rate was accelerated under a thin debris layer and was retarded under a thick one as compared with that of a natural snow surface.

  • Palliation(Definition of palliation)
  • It has been already seen that menendez is represented as having given orders to spare all the women, maimed persons, and all children under fifteen years of age. the french relations of the event, on the contrary, allege that an indiscriminate slaughter took place, and that all were massacred, without respect to age, sex, or condition; but as this statement is principally made upon the authority of a terrified and flying soldier, it is alike due to the probabilities of the case, and more agreeable to the hopes of humanity, to lessen somewhat the horrors of a scene which has need of all the palliation which can be drawn from the slightest evidences of compassion on the part of the stern and bigoted leader.

  • Affiliation(Definition of affiliation)
  • The object of the affiliation was asserted to be "to establish a distinct labor group in parliament, who shall have their own whips, and agree upon their own policy, which must embrace a readiness to co-operate with any party which for the time being may be engaged in promoting legislation in the direct interest of labor."

  • Population(Definition of population)
  • His ipse dixit could have determined the wavering and confused spirits of the population.

  • Appalachian(Definition of appalachian)
  • The most characteristic portions of what has just been termed provisionally the atlantic plateau are the piedmont plateau, which skirts the east base of the appalachian mountains from new york to central alabama and the labrador plateau.

  • Application(Definition of application)
  • The steward to whom he made his application shook his head with regret.

  • Appleton(Definition of appleton)
  • Agassiz, appleton, norton, emerson, lowell, hoar, gray, john holmes, and stillman, were among the company who made their resting-place under the shadow of mount seward.

  • Copulation(Definition of copulation)
  • An aedeagus (plural aedeagi) is a reproductive organ of male arthropods through which they secrete sperm from the testes during copulation with a female.

  • Spoliation(Definition of spoliation)
  • Before midday the slaughter, the plunder, the spoliation of the dead-all was over; the victory of charles and louis was complete the victors had retired to their camp, and there remained nothing on the field of battle but corpses in thick heaps or a long line, according as they had fallen in the disorder of flight or steadily fighting in their ranks.

  • Appellations
  • But i can point to the great anatomist professor luschka as having set the example, and while it is true that in most physiological works "glottis" is used for the slit between the vocal ligaments, yet the appellations "rima glottidis" and "aperture of the glottis" are also employed for the same thing.

  • Apportion(Definition of apportion)
  • To say the least, the use of tobacco is a selfish habit, and if you desire to be just and equal, you should be willing to apportion to your wife for some personal gratification of her own an amount equal to the money which you daily or annually expend upon yourself for the use of tobacco.

  • Adulation(Definition of adulation)
  • By the aid of magnificent revenues, the various orders of the religious paupers were enabled successfully to negotiate for the most lucrative dignities of the church, and enjoyed the fairest prospects of becoming either bishops, cardinals or popes, and of obtaining the luxurious indolence, idolatrous reverence, and impious adulation they secured.

  • Apparition(Definition of apparition)
  • For the third time i stood in the ghostly presence of mrs. van brandt; and with her, holding her hand, i beheld a second apparition never before revealed to me, the apparition of her child.

  • Apposition(Definition of apposition)
  • Apposition eyes bone apposition in fractures

  • Appellation(Definition of appellation)
  • I am afraid to give it an appellation so incongruous to the general idea of taste, as that of conscience.

333 words made from the letters appilation

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3 letter words made from appilation:

lit, apt, ola, ain, nap, opt, pin, lat, tpn, lot, pap, lpn, iaa, tia, ani, ipo, oil, ali, nil, pal, ilo, pia, ala, nit, alp, tap, lii, lan, ant, pol, pip, lin, ana, lap, ail, tin, tao, pop, lop, top, nlp, not, pat, alt, tai, pot, ion, pit, oat, tip, poa, lao, pan, tan, atp, nip, lip, ton, ppi, poi.

4 letter words made from appilation: