Correct spelling for APPLIYED

We think the word appliyed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for appliyed

  • alloyed His private life continued loose as before; his devotion was both very well satisfied with itself and a prey to mysticism and imposture in others; but, if alloyed with many weaknesses, it was at least sincere, and, like Alexander's other feelings, it naturally sought expression in forms which seemed theatrical to stronger natures.
  • appalled But now the army was dwindling to a ghastly array of scarecrows, and the recruits, as they came from England, were appalled by the spectacle presented by their predecessors.
  • applaud The world, then, should not applaud any feat of smartness or cunning on the part of the young man.
  • applauder
  • applet
  • applied
  • employed
  • played
  • Allayed These visitors were lodged by the Duke's kindness in the Palazzo Cerveno, near the ducal residence; and though the ladies of Pianura were inclined to look askance on the Marquise's genealogy, yet his Highness's condescension, and her own edifying piety, had soon allayed these scruples, and the salon of Madame de Coeur-Volant became the rival of Madame d'Albany's.
  • Appealed At first it had been the grocery clerk, a ruddy Saxon, who had cut prices and swollen measures, fatuously, for her sake; then a young engineer on the railroad who had appealed to her imagination; little storekeepers, a local reporter, the captain of the village nine-a giant in those days: not singly, but a dozen at once at her feet.
  • Applauded The swiftest glance from Nell applauded me.
  • Applying
  • Deployed
  • Parleyed
  • parlayed
  • replayed
  • appliqued
  • splayed

211 words made from the letters appliyed

3 letter words made from appliyed:

ida, ali, yap, adp, idp, pal, yea, lap, pip, pie, die, pad, yip, ale, ade, epa, pea, pya, lid, pap, dle, eld, pia, lad, pel, ply, ape, lay, dye, pay, day, edp, pep, pid, ley, lye, pdl, pei, dia, ail, lea, led, alp, dal, dip, ppi, lie, aid, lei, lip, epi.

5 letter words made from appliyed:

eliad, ayelp, delap, layed, laide, ilpap, lappe, lydia, plead, delai, deily, diaye, plaid, apple, peyal, lappy, lippe, liepa, apply, paide, pipal, apley, yadel, leppy, dappy, lippa, pylea, daily, ylide, delay, padle, aldie, piled, ideal, yaple, dippy, adeli, papel, yelda, lappi, pilea, lippy, lapid, payed, yield, diple, dalei, appli, dialy, piela, alide, leidy, pidal, pedal, playe, delpy, ailey, lidya, yalie, pepla, dealy.

4 letter words made from appliyed:

idle, deal, dyal, laye, pile, yipe, lead, pied, plea, diye, ayed, lade, laid, piel, elia, eday, yeld, lyde, liye, lady, leap, aldy, aide, eppy, lapp, plei, pail, ippy, lied, piye, play, peil, paye, idly, laie, ipay, aidy, pedi, paid, yale, leda, peal, plai, alep, piya, eyad, deyi, papy, dlya, dial, dyle, dayi, aiye, yeap, pipa, ealy, yali, paey, peay, idea, dale, yelp, pipe, daie, eady, lapi, elya, lape, deli, dail, liad, yeda, daei, peli, pale, dali, iyad.

6 letter words made from appliyed:

dippel, appley, appled, lipped, yipped, dapple, yappie, paidle, lappie, papile, ayield, elapid, padley, dieppa, piyale, lapide, played, dappie, lepida, yapped, delapp.

7 letter words made from appliyed:

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