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Possible correct spellings for aps

  • alps The mountains struck me as higher than the Alps.
  • ans Ans. Across its horizontal diameter into an upper and lower half, as shown in fig. 206, the lower half being seated on, or more frequently cast in one piece with the bed plate.
  • ape Here we see an ape on all fours, smelling some large fruit which lies upon the ground; yonder, a woman's head, front face, upon a white or green ground surrounded by a red border.
  • apr 1833 Apr 12 On the Mass of Jupiter, as determined R. Astr.
  • apse The five windows in the apse, the gift of the Earl of Powis, High Steward of the University, depict scenes from the Passion, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Christ.
  • apt This travelling all night is apt to take the ambition out of the most energetic character.
  • as Is it so soon as that?"
  • asp Dread, dread the sunny down; Lo! lily-hooded asp; Blooms, blooms no more Verbena; White-withered in your clasp.
  • bps The BPS Barbara Wilson Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest UK professional award for clinical neuropsychologists.
  • cps ActorFoundry internally performs CPS transform (using the bytecode post-processor included in Kilim) and employs an M:N architecture (mapping M actors to N native threads where M >> N) for a highly efficient implementation of Actor semantics.
  • ops In Rome the Greek Rhea was identified with Ops, the goddess of plenty, the wife of Saturn, who had a variety of appellations.
  • pas C' n'est pas mon affaire!
  • ps The passage in Ps.
  • taps Taps are known to be savage brutes, and it is everybody's instinct to sit the other way round, and keep an eye on the danger.
  • Ais In instances such as this, the Board sets Adequate Intakes (AIs) with the understanding that, at some later date when the physiological effects of biotin are better understood, AIs will be replaced by more exact information.
  • Apo These people occupy a considerable territory from the River Libaganon, which falls into the Gulf of Davao round the northern slopes of Mount Apo, about the head-waters of the rivers running into Lakes Liguan and Buluan.
  • FPS Direct Corporate Access (DCA) will provide Banks business customers with direct access to the Faster Payments Service (FPS) clearing service in a very similar way that Bacstel-IP provides access to BACS.
  • Apes This is a bedroom, what-what, not a house for some apes?
  • Maps Illustrated with 5 Maps and 7 Plans.
  • saps Your remark touching saps has the usual savor of human ingenuity, blended, however, with the proverbial short-sightedness of the species.
  • gaps And to begin with, I found myself crossing one of those gaps in the South Downs, each of which is held by a castle.
  • caps But we do usually take upon ourselves to wear red caps, and we do ride on donkeys.
  • raps "Get the chairs," motioned Malcourt; and when all were seated clear of the table but touching lightly the surface with their finger-tips: "A B C D E F"-began Malcourt, slowly reciting the alphabet; and, as the raps rang out, sig-nalling some letter, he began again in a monotonous voice: "A B C D E F G"-pausing as soon as the raps arrested him at a certain letter, only to begin again.
  • naps No woman that thinks anything of herself is walking through a strange country and taking naps under bushes by the roadside.
  • ATS Although many schools related to religious organizations hold regional accreditation or secular national accreditation, there are four different agencies that specialize in accreditation of religious schools: Association of Advanced Rabbinical and Talmudic Schools (AARTS) Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) These groups specialize in accrediting theological and religious schools including seminaries and graduate schools of theology, as well as broader-scope universities that teach from a religious viewpoint and may require students and/or faculty to subscribe to a statement of faith.
  • ADS I'm afraid these touring agencies wouldn't like to have you write their ads for them, Mr. Blaisdell!
  • AP He doesn't ap-preciate that, youngster.
  • ABS + +Nam dum abs te absum, omnes mihi labores fuere, quos cepi, leves, praeterquam tui carendum quod erat.
  • AMPS Research has increased in recent years to develop artificially-engineered mimics of antimicrobial peptides such as SNAPPs, in part due to the prohibitive cost of producing naturally-derived AMPs.
  • APP Vol. 5. app. t. 36. Lin. Syst.
  • PPS Paraguay Alianza Patriotica por el Cambio (Patriotic Alliance for Change) or APC [Fernando LUGO]; Asociacion Nacional Republicana - Colorado Party or ANR [Jose Alberto ALDERETE]; Movimiento Union Nacional de Ciudadanos Eticos or UNACE [Enrique GONZALEZ Quintana]; Patria Querida (Beloved Fatherland Party) or PPQ [Pedro Nicolas Maraa FADUL Niella]; Partido del Movimiento al Socialismo or P-MAS; Partido Encuentro Nacional or PEN [Emilio CAMACHO Paredes]; Partido Liberal Radical Autentico or PLRA [Blas LLANO]; Partido Pais Solidario or PPS [Carlos Alberto FILIZZOLA Pallares]
  • DPS election results: percent of vote by party - NA%; seats by party - National Movement for Simeon II 120, UDF 51, BSP 48, DPS 21
  • LAPS They sat looking in their laps, gazing in rapture up to heaven, or at the dazzling ripples and the lotos flowers on the surface.
  • RPS Birmingham Opera Company has also been a finalist in numerous awards recognising their exceptional record in engaging new audiences and their ground breaking productions- The International Opera Award for World Premiere 2013 ( Mittwoch as Licht), the RPS Award for Audiences and Engagement 2015 (Khovanskygate), 2016 ( The Ice Break) and 2017(Dido and Aeneas #DnA) and The International Opera Awards 2016 in two categories for Rediscovered Work and Accessibiity for Michael Tippetts The Ice Break.
  • UPS What ups and downs there were!
  • YAPS It ain't so much the little 'uns they jib at, said Mr. Beale, taking his pipe out of his mouth and stretching his legs in the back-yard, though to my mind they yaps far more aggravatin'.
  • APPS On 1 December 2015, a simulcast live stream of the main ABC TV channel was added to the iview website, iOS and Android apps.
  • APB The Board of Trustees appoints members to and provides financial support and oversight of the three independent Boards: the Appraisal Practices Board (APB), the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB), and the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB).
  • BAPS Followers of BAPS believe that the acharyas were given administrative leadership of the sect while Gunatitanand Swami was given spiritual leadership by Swaminarayan.
  • PAPS A third is most in action, swims, and frisks, Plays with his mistress's paps, salutes her pumps; Adores her hems, her skirts, her knots, her curls, Will spend his patrimony for a garter, Or the least feather in her bounteous fan.
  • ZAPS Some of the symptoms emerged from discussion boards where people with depression discussed their experiences with the disease and their medications; "brain zaps" or "brain shivers" was one symptom that emerged via these websites.

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sap, psa, pas, spa, asp.

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