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How to spell AQUIVE correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "AQUIvE", here are some possible correct suggestions. Firstly, you might have intended to write "AQUIRE", which means to obtain or acquire. Another possibility is "ACTIVE", an adjective referring to something in action or functioning. Lastly, "AQUIET" is a verb meaning to calm or pacify.

List of suggestions on how to spell AQUIvE correctly

  • abusive The child was afraid to speak out about his abusive father.
  • acquire I hope to acquire new skills during the training program.
  • active He maintains an active lifestyle by exercising daily and eating healthy.
  • alive The fire crackled, the heat making me feel more alive than I had in months.
  • aquifer The city depends on the aquifer for its water supply.
  • Aquila The constellation Aquila is often referred to as the "Eagle" constellation.
  • Aquino The Aquino administration implemented various policies to address poverty and corruption in the Philippines.
  • arrive I'm going to arrive at the party a little late.
  • equine The equine veterinary clinic provides care for horses.
  • equiv
  • quine
  • quire I need to purchase a quire of paper to complete the project.
  • quite She was quite tired after working all day.
  • quiver I saw the quiver in her lip as she tried to hold back tears.
  • squire The squire assisted his master, the knight, in adjusting his armor.

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