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How to spell AQURE correctly?

If you meant to type "aqure" but got it wrong, worry not! The correct spelling is "acquire". This word means to obtain or gain possession of something. So, next time, make sure to double-check your spelling to ensure your message is clear.

List of suggestions on how to spell aqure correctly

  • abjure As a recovering addict, Jill had to abjure all substances that had led her down a destructive path.
  • acquire I hope to acquire a new skill by taking this course.
  • acre
  • acute He had an acute hearing problem.
  • adjure
  • adore
  • afire The forest was set afire by a lightning strike.
  • ague I'm feeling a bit under the weather, might be the ague.
  • allure The allure of traveling the world was too great for her to resist.
  • aqua My favorite color is aqua, which reminds me of the fresh blue waters of the ocean.
  • aquas The aquas of the ocean were crystal clear and teeming with marine life.
  • are
  • assure Please assure me you're feeling better.
  • aura The aura of energy around her is very noticeable.
  • aware I am aware of the issue.
  • azure The ocean looked an incredible shade of azure on that hot summer day.
  • cure I hope they find a cure for cancer soon.
  • inure Living in a polluted city for years can inure one to the negative effects of air pollution.
  • quire The student needed a quire of paper to complete his research project.
  • square The square was very long and very wide.
  • squire He was informed that he had been summoned to attend the squire's court.

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