Correct spelling for ARA

We think the word ara is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ara

  • aa Entra Pantiselea e diz: P. Que quereis e esta chorosa rainha Pantasilea, aa penada, triste, fea, 380 pera corte tam fermosa?
  • aba "Ne-ha aba ne ha aba muta, Sagmuk labsa abona Sag aba don,"
  • ada "Take this seat, Alma," said Miss Joslyn; and the little girl obeyed, while Ada Singer, the scholar directly behind her, nudged her friend, Lucy Berry, and mimicked the stranger's surprised way of looking around the room.
  • agra We were fortunate in having Sir John Tyler as our host at Agra, for as Superintendent of the Jail he was able to ensure that we should have the best possible carpets, which we wanted for Osterley, made there.
  • ala The three or four large quill-like feathers borne by the thumb form what is known as the "bastard-wing," ala spuria.
  • ana 2. papa, each meaning father; 1. ana, nana; 2. ma, mama, each meaning mother.
  • ar I speck dat ar little man you had up in front er you had sump'n ter do wid it.
  • ara Dialeurodes angulata Corbett, 1935 Dialeurodes anjumi Qureshi, 1980 Dialeurodes ara Corbett, 1935 Dialeurodes armatus David & Subramaniam, 1976 Dialeurodes ayyanarensis Sundararaj & David, 1991 Dialeurodes bancoensis Ardaillon & Cohic, 1970 Dialeurodes bangkokana Takahashi, 1942 Dialeurodes bicornicauda Martin, 1999 Dialeurodes binkae Sundararaj & David, 1991 Dialeurodes biventralis Sundararaj & David, 1991 Dialeurodes buscki Quaintance & Baker, 1917 Dialeurodes canthiae Sundararaj & David, 1991 Dialeurodes celti Takahashi, 1942 Dialeurodes cephalidistinctus Singh, 1932 Dialeurodes cerifera Quaintance & Baker, 1917 Dialeurodes chiengsenana Takahashi, 1942 Dialeurodes cinnamomi Takahashi, 1932 Dialeurodes cinnamomicola Takahashi, 1937 Dialeurodes citri Ashmead, 1885 Dialeurodes citricola Young, 1942 Dialeurodes conocephali Corbett, 1935 Dialeurodes crescentata Corbett, 1935 Dialeurodes cyathispinifera Corbett, 1933 Dialeurodes daphniphylli Takahashi, 1932 Dialeurodes davidi Mound & Halsey, 1978 Dialeurodes decaspermi Martin, 1985 Dialeurodes delhiensis David & Sundararaj, 1992 Dialeurodes denticulatus Bondar, 1923 Dialeurodes dicksoni Corbett, 1935 Dialeurodes didymocarpi Corbett, 1935 Dialeurodes dissimilis Quaintance & Baker, 1917 Dialeurodes distincta Corbett, 1933 Dialeurodes drypetesi nomen novum.
  • arab And yet amongst these wretched beings was riding sublime an Arab Falstaff.
  • arc A "second" of arc means the 3600th part of a degree, just as a second of time means the 3600th part of an hour.
  • are Are you sure of that, Excellenz?
  • area Penny stopped the conductor to ask him what the chances were of getting through the flooded area.
  • aria The Eastern are Hyrcania, Parthia, Aria, Chorasmia, Sogdiana, Bactria, Scythia, Gandaria, Sattagydia, India, Paricania, the Eastern AEthiopia, and Mycia.
  • ark The delirium came again the next day; then Sarah Maitland cried, because, she said, Nannie had hidden the Noah's ark; "and Blair and I want to play with it," she whined.
  • arm Barousse was in front, arm-in-arm with Reverchon.
  • art Fortune-Fortune-again art thou cruel!"
  • aura Hands spirit tipped through which a genius plays With paints and clays, And strings in many keys- Clothed in an aura of thought as soundless as a flood Of sun-shine where there is no breeze.
  • bra Together with his brothers, Koby, Jai, and Dakota, Sunny Abberton achieved national and international attention in 2007 with the release of a feature-length documentary entitled Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker than Water, that he wrote and co-directed with another member of the Bra Boys.
  • era He was born at Rome on the 26th of April, in the year 121 of the Christian era.
  • ira In the following spring and summer, the settlement was enlarged by the arrival of Ira Jones, Jacob West, John T. Baker, Rev.
  • mara And departing from Phihahiroth, they passed through the midst of the sea into the wilderness: and having marched three days through the desert of Etham, they camped in Mara.
  • para The Para Government held the place with a military force and occupied the territory with complete jurisdiction.
  • ra Among the most devout of the petitioners was Ra Tuiki, the aged chief with white hair.
  • tara So at all the holy places of Ireland, the pillar-stone of ancient Usnech, the ruined mounds of Tara, great Rath-Cruachan of Connacht, the graves of mighty champions, Pagan hero and Christian saint sat together to make interchange of history and religion, the teaching of the past and the promise of the future.
  • Aha "That monsieur has sent Mademoiselle Ward many expensive jewels, and-" " Aha!"
  • Ava AVA, capital of the Burmese empire from 1364 to 1740 and from 1822 to 1835; now in ruins from an earthquake in 1839.
  • Ora Hy heth ora gertne, tochta and thankwisa.
  • NRA Blunt has an "A" rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA) for his continued support of the 2nd amendment.
  • AAA Form aaa. contains radio-activity, haemin, lecithin, glycerophosphates and all other constituents of the highest purity.
  • Ama ↑ ama means "heaven"; tera is an inflectional form of teru, "to shine"; su is an honorific auxiliary verb that shows respect for the actor; then, amaterasu means "to shine in the heaven"; ō means "big" or "great"; mi is a prefix for noble and august beings.
  • Cara Are you afraid to look at me, cara mia?
  • Kara "I am going down to see my friend Kara," he said.
  • Lara Still, no weak adversary will he meet in Francisco de Lara.
  • Zara His eyes were drawn irresistibly to the flaming orbs of the Zara.
  • Sara Lady Sara leaned her head out of the window.
  • ARR Cale) – 2:53 (from Eric Clapton, 1970) "Let It Rain" (Bonnie Bramlett, Delaney Bramlett, Clapton) – 5:04 (from Eric Clapton, 1970) Derek and the Dominos: "Bell Bottom Blues" (Clapton) – 5:02 (from Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, 1970) "Layla" (Clapton, Jim Gordon) – 7:05 (from Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, 1970) Solo: "I Shot the Sheriff" (Bob Marley) – 4:23 (from 461 Ocean Boulevard, 1974) "Let It Grow" (Clapton) – 4:58 (from 461 Ocean Boulevard, 1974) "Knockin' on Heavens Door" (Bob Dylan) – 4:22 (Non-album single, 1975) "Hello Old Friend" (Clapton) – 3:36 (from No Reason to Cry, 1976) "Cocaine" (Cale) – 3:39 (from Slowhand, 1977) "Wonderful Tonight" (Clapton) – 3:42 (from Slowhand, 1977) "Promises" (Richard Feldman, Roger Linn) – 3:04 (from Backless, 1978) "I Cant Stand It" (Clapton) – 4:09 (from Another Ticket, 1981) Great Britain, French, Australian and Canadian version Polydor 521881 Derek and the Dominos: "Layla" (Clapton, Gordon) – 7:10 (from Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, 1970) Cream: "Badge" (Clapton, Harrison) – 2:42 (from Goodbye, 1969) "I Feel Free" (Brown, Bruce) – 2:54 (from Fresh Cream, 1966) "Sunshine of Your Love" (Brown, Bruce, Clapton) – 4:10 (from Disraeli Gears, 1967) "Crossroads" (Live) (Johnson) – 4:13 (from Wheels of Fire, 1968) "Strange Brew" (Clapton, Felix Pappalardi, Gail Collins) - 2:45 (from Disraeli Gears, 1967) "White Room" (Brown, Bruce) – 4:57 (from Wheels of Fire, 1968) Derek and the Dominos: "Bell Bottom Blues" (Clapton) – 5:06 (from Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, 1970) Solo: "Cocaine" (Cale) – 3:35 (from Slowhand, 1977) "I Shot the Sheriff" (Marley) – 4:22 (from 461 Ocean Boulevard, 1974) "After Midnight" (Cale) – 3:11 (from Eric Clapton, 1970) "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" (Traditional, arr.
  • ARAL Diane Butcher Frank Butcher Liam Butcher Mo Butcher Ricky Butcher Butcher, a DC Comics character Aral Vorkosigan, the "Butcher of Komarr" in the Vorkosigan Saga science fiction novel series

2 words made from the letters ara

3 letter words made from ara:

ara, aar.

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