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How to spell AREAGE correctly?

If you happen to misspell "areage", don't worry! The correct spelling for the term you're looking for is "acreage". Acreage refers to the area of land, typically measured in acres. So, next time you need to mention the size of a plot or property, remember to use the correct term: acreage.

List of suggestions on how to spell areage correctly

  • acreage My family owns several acres of acreage in the countryside.
  • adage One adage that my grandmother was fond of repeating was "a penny saved is a penny earned.
  • area We need an area for the picnic.
  • areal The areal density of the forest was too high to navigate through easily.
  • Areas There are multiple areas of study within the field of science.
  • arrange Seeing that we have so many weddings to plan, we ought to arrange for a wedding planner.
  • average
  • barrage No one knew what had happened to them, only the horrific sound of a barrage of gunfire.
  • dredge The dredge removed the sand from the bottom of the canal.
  • garage
  • rage The father's rage boiled over.
  • triage The triage nurse determined who would live and who would die.

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