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How to spell AREATED correctly?

The correct spelling for "areated" is "aerated". This word refers to the process of introducing air or oxygen into a substance or environment. Some correct suggestions for the misspelling "areated" could be "aerate", "aerating", "aeration" or "aerates".

List of suggestions on how to spell areated correctly

  • Abated The noise level abated as the traffic cleared.
  • Abetted The perpetrator was charged with the crime of theft as it was found out that he abetted his friend in stealing the precious diamond.
  • aerated The aerated water was much more refreshing than still water.
  • alerted The security guard was alerted to a suspicious person walking around the perimeter of the building.
  • arrayed The museum had an impressive collection of artifacts arrayed throughout the exhibit halls.
  • arrested The suspect was arrested for burglary.
  • Averted The pilot averted disaster by making an emergency landing.
  • Breaded The breaded chicken was cooked to perfection.
  • Crated The fragile vase was carefully crated before being shipped overseas.
  • Created This book was created by a talented author.
  • dreaded My aunt is dreaded by all of our family.
  • Erected The statue has been erected in our honor.
  • fretted She fretted about her test all morning.
  • Grated She added grated cheese on top of her spaghetti.
  • Greeted I greeted my neighbor as I walked past her house.
  • Narrated He narrated the event to the class.
  • orated The politician orated for hours, but ultimately failed to sway the audience with his argument.
  • Prated I crave Prated speices.
  • Rated The movie was rated PG-13 for violence and adult language.
  • treated The doctor treated the patient's infection with antibiotics.

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