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How to spell ARENGED correctly?

The correct spelling for "arenged" is arranged. It is important to double-check spelling before submitting any written work. Possible suggestions to correct this error include using a spell-check tool, proofreading the document or consulting a dictionary for correct spelling and usage.

List of suggestions on how to spell arenged correctly

  • arranged The table was beautifully arranged with flowers and candles for the dinner party.
  • avenged The hero avenged his family's deaths by defeating the villain.
  • pronged The fork was four-pronged, perfect for eating spaghetti.
  • Ranged The soldiers, equipped with rifles, ranged across the open field in search of the enemy.
  • reneged He promised to pay me back, but he reneged on his word.
  • wronged He felt wronged by his own family.

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