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How to spell ARESSTED correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "aressted", worry not! The correct spelling is "arrested". This misstep might be due to keyboard proximity, but remember to double-check your writing before finalizing. Online dictionaries and spell-check tools can be helpful to avoid spelling errors. Stay vigilant and strive for error-free writing!

List of suggestions on how to spell aressted correctly

  • arrested The suspect was arrested by the police for his involvement in the bank robbery.
  • breasted The bird was a rare, long-breasted species.
  • crested The crested bird perched on the tree branch, its bright feathers standing out against the green foliage.
  • rested After a long hike, she finally rested on a rock and admired the beautiful view.
  • Wrested The city was wrested from the terrorist group after a long and brutal battle.

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