Correct spelling for ARGEW

We think the word argew is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for argew

  • ag Clar out, now, and don' show yoh kinky monkey-face heah ag'in!
  • agar At last I heard her say: "It was for me he died, Agar!"
  • age That dark age has passed away.
  • aged William Henry Cranstoun, aged forty-six.
  • ago "Oh," he said, "I was turned out of that world a long while ago.
  • agree "The seaside didn't agree with her," said Pen.
  • ague "He has no fever, no ague-fit, no aches and pains.
  • alger Governor Tanner, General Grosvenor, and Secretary Alger may declare that the wrecking of the army by disease was inevitable, that Northern soldiers cannot maintain their health in the tropics, and that "when troops come home sick and worn, it is a part of war"; but, in view of the record made at Guantanamo Bay, we may say to them, seriously and respectfully, rather than flippantly: "Tell that to the marines!"
  • anew He heard the case anew and promptly reversed the judgment of the Alcalde.
  • anger One might have expected that gratitude would almost counterbalance anger.
  • arc Instead, for its half-mile of village life, the Plank Road, macadamized and arc-lighted, is called Daphne Street.
  • are Why, how ungallant you are!
  • area It is 48 miles long, for the most part 6 to 8 miles wide, and embraces an area of more than 400 square miles.
  • argo Afterward, for a whole day, no wind blew and the sail of the Argo hung slack.
  • argon Argon returns from the other side, and looks to see if the Widow sees him.
  • argos 145. She was at this rate prior to the foundation of Argos; and many centuries before her father; near a thousand years before her brother.
  • argot Strange things he had heard in this manner-furtive, uncouth gossip of that under-world, which, although much was couched in an unknown argot and was meaningless to him, had yet served in a way to lighten the unendurable emptiness.
  • argue The poor fellow shook his head at my apparent foolhardiness, but was too polite to argue further.
  • arguer Just as the explainer may pass from cause to effect so may the arguer.
  • argus With an Argus eye he watched the movements of the British ministry and the royalists around him.
  • ark Hophni and Phinehas, his sons, accompanied the sacred ark, which was welcomed by the army with shouts of joy.
  • askew This serves to keep the work down to the surface of T. The cutter heads for panelling have three cutters set askew or at an angle to their plane of revolution so as to give a more continuous and a shearing cut, which is conducive to smooth work.
  • aug " Aug 21, 1875. " " 4 fresh eggs.
  • auger At the same time gangs were sent to the pumps, though Spike still depended for getting rid of the water somewhat on the auger-the carpenter continuing to bore and plug his holes as new opportunities offered, and the old outlets became useless.
  • barge And therewithal they set the queen in a barge into Humber; but always Queen Guenever praised Sir Kay for his deeds, and said, What lady that ye love, and she love you not again she were greatly to blame; and among ladies, said the queen, I shall bear your noble fame, for ye spake a great word, and fulfilled it worshipfully.
  • eager They went pretty fast, for all were eager to get to the buffalo.
  • edge One of these cards had slipped from the edge of the board and flickered slowly to the floor.
  • erg Among these, there are two alternative (non-equivalent) units of magnetic dipole moment: (ESU) (Gaussian and EMU), where "statA" is statamperes, "cm" is centimeters, "erg" is ergs, and "G" is gauss.
  • ergo Bene scripsisti de me, Thoma; quam ergo mercedem recipies?
  • large Her eyes, instead of being large and dark and rather dreamy, were grey and speculative.
  • larger "The Mother's eyes grew larger and shone brightly.
  • marge Marge was hot and exasperated, but small fry was as cool and composed as a vanilla cone.
  • rage Charlemagne and his army found him lying thus, and very terrible were the grief and the rage of the Emperor as he looked on him and on the others of his Douzeperes and on the bodies of that army of twenty thousand.
  • urge "I'll urge him to come at once.
  • Argued "That was only meant for one day-not morning, noon, and night," argued the Cuckoo.
  • Urged "Come away with me," he urged Vaniman.
  • Aggie Fully convinced of a disagreement between the two old friends, Aggie addressed herself in a reproachful tone to Jimmy.
  • Sarge Otto is fiercely protective of Sarge, and seems to have a particular antipathy towards Beetle.
  • urges A stronger motive urges me to go: If it is Philip's ship I wish to know.
  • ages They were written, it must be recalled, not in ages of barbarism, and represent the transition from prose to regular metre.
  • argues Young love argues from effect to cause, and so limitless seemed the strength of his sentiment that the simplicity of her mind and the susceptibility of her girlhood were to him like some epic poem which arouses men to passion and strong deeds.
  • ORG The Eglises Baptistes de la RCA has also suffered two schisms, resulting in the Fraternal Union of Baptist Churches (or Union Fraternelle des Églises Baptistes, org.
  • Agnew Then, returned to the sick Chamber, and found Rose bathing dear Robin's Temples with Vinegar, and changing his Pillow-his thin Hand rested on Mr. Agnew, on whom he lookt with a composed, collected Gaze.

23 words made from the letters argew

3 letter words made from argew:

are, awe, ear, erg, rag, age, wag, gar, era, war, raw.

4 letter words made from argew:

5 letter words made from argew:

wrage, grawe, garwe, wager.

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