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How to spell ARITS correctly?

If you meant to spell "arts", some possible correct suggestions could be "arts", "artistic" or "artistry". If you meant to spell "arist", some possible correct suggestions could be "aristocrat", "aristocracy" or "aristocratic". Always proofread your work to catch errors like these.

List of suggestions on how to spell arits correctly

  • acts He always acts differently around his boss than with his friends.
  • adios Adios, my friend, I'll see you again next week!
  • aeries
  • aids There are multiple organizations that offer aids for those suffering from diseases.
  • ALTS I have some ALTS that I use for testing purposes.
  • Ants A colony of ants is walking movements on the counter.
  • Areas
  • ares As the god of war, Ares was feared and revered by ancient Greeks.
  • argots The spy was able to blend in with the locals by using their argots.
  • arias The arias of Mozart are among the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.
  • arid The desert is arid.
  • aries Each aries constellation has a different name.
  • arise Many problems may arise when dealing with difficult people, but it is important to remain calm and respectful.
  • arises A problem arises when the team is not communicating effectively.
  • arius Please bring your arius to the front desk.
  • ARIZ
  • arras I spotted a beautiful Arras behind the linen curtain.
  • arts The arts program at the school provided students with opportunities to explore their creativity.
  • artsy She decorated her apartment with an artsy touch, hanging up colorful paintings and sculptures.
  • ATS It costs $ATS per hour to use the computer.
  • audits
  • awaits A new chapter in their lives awaits them ahead.
  • brits These royal Brits always know how to have a good time.
  • CARATS Your carats should be enough to buy that ring.
  • CRTs The old TVs had tubes rather than CRTs.
  • eris Shepherdesses sport purple dresses and eris as their national flower.
  • Fruits I bought a basket of fruits from the farmers' market.
  • grits Your stomach is protesting with the lack of food, so you might as well give in and scarf down some grits.
  • iris The iris of her eyes changed color depending on the light.
  • Its Its color is bright and eye-catching.
  • karats I have a diamond necklace with 10 karats.
  • merits The candidate was evaluated based on his merits rather than his race or gender.
  • orbits He orbits the sun every 365 days.
  • Rats In the dark, they look like small, furry rats.
  • rids She rids herself of negative energy by meditating every morning.
  • Riots The riots began early this morning.
  • rites The traditional rites of passage are important cultural events for many communities around the world.
  • ritz My parents love staying at the Ritz whenever they travel to the city.
  • rots I have a bad feeling about this; it looks like we're going to have to deal with the rots.
  • ruts
  • tarots I use tarots to gain insight into my personal and professional life.
  • traits Some traits are inherited from our parents, while others are developed through personal experiences.
  • URIS The URL for the website is http://www.uris.com.
  • writes
  • writs The judge issued writs of habeas corpus to ensure the suspects were being held lawfully.

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