How to spell AROCSS correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "arocss" instead of "across", fret not! Auto-correct might not always come to your rescue, but here are some suggestions to help you rectify the error: "acros", "acrross", "acrros", "acrosa" or simply go one letter at a time: "aross" and then "across."

List of suggestions on how to spell arocss correctly

  • across I saw a shooting star across the sky last night.
  • ARCS The rainbow was made up of many different colors arranged in arcs.
  • aromas The scents from the flower gardens were charming aromas.
  • Arose
  • arouse The spicy scent of the food was enough to arouse my appetite.
  • arouses
  • crocks My grandmother used to wear her crocks while gardening.
  • crocus
  • frocks I love wearing my new skirts and frocks.
  • rocks The goat climbed up the rocks effortlessly.

Misspelling of the day


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