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How to spell AROUCK correctly?

The misspelling "Arouck" can be corrected by suggesting the correct term as "Arrow". The term "Arrow" refers to a slender, pointed weapon or projectile typically made of wood or metal, used for shooting from a bow. This correction ensures accuracy while eliminating any confusion caused by the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell Arouck correctly

  • around I like to take long walks around the lake near my house.
  • arouse The spicy smell emanating from the kitchen began to arouse my appetite.
  • avouch
  • Brock Brock fell off his bike and scraped his knee.
  • crock I accidentally dropped the crock while washing dishes.
  • crouch The cat began to crouch low and slowly stalked its prey.
  • Farouk Farouk was thrilled to receive the prestigious award for his research in the field of neuroscience.
  • frock She wore a long, flowing frock to the wedding.
  • grouch The old man down the street is such a grouch, he never says hello to anyone.
  • Rock She found a beautiful rock on the beach and decided to keep it as a souvenir.
  • ruck During the rugby game, the ball got stuck in the ruck.
  • truck The delivery truck arrived with our package.

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