What is the correct spelling for ARRISTED?

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Correct spelling for ARRISTED

We think the word arristed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for arristed

  • aerated 4. As soon as indications of the absorption of the poison into the circulation begin to manifest themselves, the internal administration of ammonia in aerated or soda-water every quarter of an hour, to support the nervous energy and allay the distressing thirst.
  • aroused Aroused, excited, the prisoner turned his flashing blue eyes on the detective.
  • arrest Besides, after the arrest, when the Governor searched Las Cases' papers in his presence, they were found to be in good order, among them being parts of his "Journal."
  • arrested For I must tell you, Mr. Mallock, that for five minutes last night it was touch and go whether you were not to be arrested.
  • arrogated Christian Science is unlike New Thought and other metaphysical movements of that era in that Mary Baker Eddy successfully arrogated to herself all teaching authority, centralized decision-making and organizational power, and developed the movements sectarian character.
  • assisted Several of her Atlantic towns had fallen to the Federal navy, assisted by strong landing parties.
  • attested Some were too feeble to more than faintly whisper their greeting to the dear old flag they loved so dearly, while tears of joy attested the genuineness of their affection for that beautiful emblem of liberty, the sight of which had so long been denied them.
  • breasted Landed on French soil, they threw off disguises, breasted the facts.
  • crested
  • crusted
  • forested
  • frosted
  • irritate
  • irritated
  • oersted
  • rested
  • roasted
  • rusted
  • trusted
  • Accosted She accosted me, and congratulated herself on her vicinity to me.
  • Erased
  • Irrigated
  • Irrupted
  • Ousted
  • Recited
  • Resided
  • Roosted
  • Wrested
  • Aristides The Athenians ordered him to impart it to Aristides only; and, if he approved of it, to put it in practice.
  • arrests In Cheshire and Shropshire a fierce persecution raged; in Northamptonshire arrests were numerous; and the gaol of Oxford was crowded with prisoners.
  • orated
  • rousted
  • trysted
  • counter-working

316 words made from the letters arristed

3 letter words made from arristed:

ert, ate, tia, aid, esr, ret, tie, eta, tar, tai, dis, res, tri, art, ade, era, sat, ter, rad, rid, dre, eat, sit, est, set, tea, dat, ida, dts, rit, dia, ear, sir, tad, irs, red, sad, sea, die, are, ies, ira, das, des, dit, ted, ras, air, ire, rat, err.

5 letter words made from arristed:

aired, tardi, seria, dirts, atire, terai, resid, satre, stare, rader, aesir, sitar, siter, sarid, aside, strei, resit, deair, sitae, ister, rrids, adire, sarti, setai, arise, dates, reads, edits, satie, setia, ratri, raeti, rasid, deira, airds, tires, dreis, rears, ardri, sedai, tares, siart, reast, stria, drier, reist, tears, asier, sedia, darse, sadri, sater, deist, sadir, raste, reard, treis, darre, riera, trier, raise, aides, raide, direr, iater, artsd, itard, raids, estai, deras, desra, sirat, tsair, desir, diest, itera, aerdi, sarre, strae, adsit, astir, saite, sirte, triad, darts, rides, starr, serra, dares, stair, stire, tiers, rites, strad, derai, sared, rtard, raite, desai, sidea, airts, staid, steai, sdate, tried, darst, saied, seita, tsade, arsed, reais, aries, trade, stead, daise, seidr, sterr, resia, drais, adits, drita, rates, erria, dries, reids, raits, tirer, siret, satir, sated, taide, teria, steir, drear, aesti, teras, irate, retia, traer, radis, rared, tired, tsadi, tased, riets, aerts, aster, saedi, rider, israr, tread, sader, istre, seida, serri, tiars, itser, tries, dasti, detar, ieast, teads, trise, drats, redis, adret, deats, riser, sarde, idrts, dears, astre, raird, saeid, reird, reair, erard, diate.

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