What is the correct spelling for ARRORGENT?

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Correct spelling for ARRORGENT

We think the word arrorgent is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for arrorgent

  • agent "Some beauty here, Mr. Larsen," said the station agent.
  • argent [105] Froissart describes Sir John Chandos as dressed in a long robe, which fell to the ground, blazoned with his arms on white sarcenet, argent a field gules, one on his breast, and another on his back.
  • arranged Our own dinner is at 12.30. Afterwards I went across to the hospital again and arranged a few things with Mrs. Stobart.
  • arrant That comes-as you call it-of being arrant asses, retorted the doctor, and not having sense enough to know honest air from poison, and the dry land from a vile, pestiferous slough.
  • arrogance Maria Clementina was of Austrian descent, and something in her free and noble port and the smiling arrogance of her manner recalled the aspect of her distant kinswoman, the young Queen of France.
  • arrogant It even checked the arrogant smiles with which the haughty March and the voluptuous Buchan came forward to mock him with their homage.
  • arrogantly But she had gone on, amid her sobs, to speak wildly, disconnectedly, and yes-yes, rather arrogantly too, of the old war with France in 1870-of her father, and of her long-dead brother; how both of them had fought, how gloriously they had conquered!
  • arrogate This Senate can have no wish to arrogate power.
  • emergent Nests are placed in emergent aquatic plants, near the surface of the water.
  • orient These possessed an originality so independent that after having resisted in the Orient the power of absorption of Hellenism, and after having checked the Christian propaganda, they even withstood the destructive power of Islam.
  • reagent This would of course depend in turn upon the rapidity with which the tissues of the plant could absorb the reagent and be affected by it. It was a surprise to me to find that, with good specimens, the effect was manifested in the course of so short a time as a minute or so.
  • regent The Duke of Pianura is dying and has named you regent."
  • urgent Jeannette Marechal, tearful and not a little frightened, assured the citizen Representative that her errand was urgent.
  • aren't "You aren't going off by yourself," said Florence when the club meeting was over.

310 words made from the letters arrorgent

5 letter words made from arrorgent:

argot, grano, ngota, torne, genro, range, arone, goner, renta, oater, arent, groan, orner, atong, grant, etgar, argon, arnor, egnor, garet, garre, naret, organ, geant, trego, reorg, garro, terao, roget, gotra, rager, geton, ragno, negra, togan, terna, reato, anger, norea, regar, great, gater, ergot, nogat, grean, genoa, rengo, tager, rorer, grate, ogrer, orage, terro, etang, orang, teano, rogne, egnot, aneto, orate, raron, negro, negot, ronte, norge, arner, gorre, earnt, goten, tengo, orear, rarer, retag, aegon, ronga, regno, regna, garno, trong, etrog, tange, ragon, otrar, tegra, retno, ragen, retro, teong, reran, groat, rotan, tango, gator, norra, netra, traer, ongar, torga, egton, rogen, agner, grone, onate, gotan, gante, treon, eagon, gorra, ogren, agone, tenga, reang, groer, neato, oaten, orten, grear, negar, treno, roran, renga, roate, error, rango, taeng, tonga, onega, orena, togar, erato, orent, roten, trago, targo, atone, anter, ganor, agent, gerar, groen, ronge, engro, angre, gerra, tagen, noreg, agren, orant, toner, torna, roter, tergo, graet, nager, ertan, ntare, ganoe, tenor.

4 letter words made from arrorgent:

near, ogan, gorn, rago, tear, tore, gnat, taro, torg, rano, aero, oran, rage, gaon, rota, tarn, oger, neat, orne, toea, oeta, tone, gato, egna, nato, roga, gore, rote, noer, agno, ogae, ogre, oreg, ante, nego, tera, torr, rega, areo, rort, nget, reno, torn, gort, tero, rear, naor, gean, goer, rare, orge, onge, oena, roar, rant, grot, gaen, gent, ergo, tern, ento, nega, orga, toga, goan, gran, treo, aeon, roen, eoan, goat, argo, tean, earn, tang, nero, oate, arno, taon, gear, etna, ngae, note, trna, geto, eang, orte, ogea, norr, gone, errr, rate, geta, gona, tare, toge, toer, gate, roan, rent.

3 letter words made from arrorgent:

gat, nog, ent, rna, goa, ant, tag, rag, age, roe, not, neo, ate, teg, oat, gen, tan, tea, get, net, gar, eta, ten, orr, ton, oar, eon, toe, ane, tog, era, ego, err, art, are, ern, ago, ron, tor, ore, nag, ret, rat, eat, ear, erg, tar, ert, tao, one, ter, rot.

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