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How to spell ARRORS correctly?

If you mistakenly type "arrors" instead of "errors", don't worry! Autocorrect might come to your rescue by suggesting the accurate term. Alternatively, you can manually correct the spelling or review the context for other possible words that should be used instead. It's essential to double-check texts to avoid such arrors!

List of suggestions on how to spell arrors correctly

  • across
  • Afros Afros are popular among black people.
  • arbors The garden was lined with latticed arbors covered in climbing vines.
  • argos Argos is a dog breed originating from the Peloponnese in Greece.
  • armors Knights in medieval times would wear armors made of metal to protect themselves in battles.
  • arras The arras on the wall added a touch of elegance to the room.
  • arrays I always have my arrays ready when I need them.
  • arrears I have several arrears.
  • Arron
  • arrow After slaying the dragon, the party retrieved the arrow they had left behind.
  • arrows I used my bow and arrows to hunt for food in the forest.
  • Arroyos The creek bed was a series of arroyos.
  • Auroras The auroras danced across the night sky, painting it in shades of green and purple.
  • error I apologize for the error in my report.
  • errors I made some errors while baking the cake.
  • farrows The pig farrows every other month.
  • harrows The farmer used his harrows to smooth the fields.
  • horrors The horrors of the Holocaust are still remembered today.
  • mirrors The walls of the room were covered in mirrors, making it feel much larger than it actually was.
  • Narrows The stream narrows as it passes through the rocks.
  • terrors The young child experienced terrors during the storm.
  • warriors The warriors fought bravely in the battle.

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