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How to spell ARTICES correctly?

The correct spelling for "artices" is "articles". It is important to remember to double-check spelling before submitting written work. Some possible suggestions to correct this misspelling include using a spelling and grammar checker tool, reviewing written work before submitting it, and consulting a dictionary for correct spellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell artices correctly

  • arises A conflict arises when two parties have different opinions or interests.
  • articles I need to find some articles online for my research paper.
  • artiest
  • artifices The show was full of artifices to deceive the audience.
  • artiness The artiness in her voice was deceiving.
  • artistes The show featured a variety of artistes, from acrobats to singers to magicians.
  • artists The art gallery features a diverse range of artists from around the world.
  • attics The old house had a spooky feeling, especially when I had to go into the attics to retrieve an old blanket for the guest room.
  • attires All the performers were dressed up in their colorful traditional attires for the parade.
  • Cortices The cortices of the brain are responsible for higher cognitive functions.
  • entices The aroma of freshly baked cookies entices me to come into the bakery.
  • Latices The chemist explained that latices are colloidal suspensions characterized by high viscosity and elasticity.
  • lattices In lattices, the vertices lie in a plane and the edges that connect them form a repeating pattern.
  • notices I want to remove the notices from my door.
  • Vertices Around each vertex of the graph there are six other vertices.

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