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How to spell ARTLE correctly?

It is possible that "artle" may have been intended to be "turtle" or "startle" depending on the context in which it was used. Other possibilities could include "arable" or "partly", but again, it would depend on the sentence or phrase in which the misspelling occurred.

List of suggestions on how to spell artle correctly

  • able
  • addle
  • Adele Adele has a beautiful singing voice.
  • agile An agile team moves quickly and efficiently from one stage of development to the next.
  • aisle An aisle is a long, narrow hallway or room in a store.
  • ale I felt relaxed as I enjoyed a cold ale after a long day.
  • antler The deer had a massive antler on its head.
  • apple Inside the apple, there are seeds.
  • aptly The room was aptly decorated for the party.
  • ARAL
  • argyle He wore an argyle sweater to the party.
  • art I enjoy visiting art galleries and museums to appreciate different styles and techniques of art.
  • article My article is about the new movie.
  • Artie He proudly displayed his large collection of Artie Shaw vinyl records.
  • artier
  • artless I found her artless behavior endearing.
  • arts I enrolled in a course that focuses on various forms of arts such as painting, sculpture, and music.
  • artsy The new cafe in town has an artsy vibe, with locally made furniture and paintings hung on the walls.
  • arty She loved visiting galleries and museums, but her friends thought she was a bit too arty for their tastes.
  • ate
  • attlee
  • battle The dragon fought furiously against the knight, but the knight was able to prevail in the battle.
  • cattle
  • Earle
  • hurtle
  • partly I am only partly to blame for the accident.
  • rattle
  • tartly She spoke tartly to the waiter who had forgotten her order.
  • tattle
  • title In spite of the title, the play is not about a cat.
  • turtle Santa left a turtle at my house.
  • wattle The woven wattle fence surrounded the backyard garden.

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