Correct spelling for ASSISITED

We think the word assisited is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for assisited

  • Assassinated
  • As long as he was under my protection the indians respected him, but after my departure from jala-jala he was assassinated; and all those who knew him agreed that he had deserved his fate for more than one cause.

  • Desisted
  • Not a bird chirped; not a leaf was heard to rustle among the trees of the plain; the beasts of the forests were still; the busy bee desisted from its hum; even the winds were hushed and silent while the stranger delivered his solemn warning.

  • Asserted(Definition of asserted)
  • She saw a quick look of surprise he did not attempt to hide, followed by a very charming smile, as he asserted: "it is impossible.

  • Insisted
  • I should have insisted on their going on in quite a different kind of way.

  • Assist(Definition of assist)
  • But i am not without hope that the government might assist us in this direction.

  • Unassisted(Definition of unassisted)
  • His second notion was that ratcliffe wanted to put mrs. lee under obligations, in order to win her regard; and, again, that he wanted to raise himself in her esteem by posing as a friend of honest administration and unassisted virtue.

  • Assorted(Definition of assorted)
  • Hester was at that moment tearing along a thoroughfare, and showing so little dignity and repose not only in her gait, but in her "loud," ill-assorted garments, that, as frequently happened, to rose's vexation, several people among the passers-by turned and looked after them.

  • Assisting
  • I lifted lucy from the carriage, and passing my arm around her, was assisting her to mount the steps, when a bright gleam of moonlight burst forth and lit up the whole scene.

  • Resisted
  • But she resisted, and engaged a porter.

  • Assists
  • The man who assists her stoops and places his right hand with the palm up at a convenient distance from the ground.

  • Assented(Definition of Assented)
  • The chapel-master assented sadly with a movement of his head, and went out, following the two cathedral servants.

  • Assaulted(Definition of assaulted)
  • This fort they assaulted, and towed off the galleys empty, and surprising the inhabitants began to lay waste the rest of the island.

  • Assisted
  • Mr. gerningham, his valet, assisted him, and gave him his drops; and the judge told him to wait in his bedroom till he should go to sleep.

  • Assessed
  • I assessed every one of them for taxes yearly, in apparel and wheat from the stores and granaries.

  • Associated(Definition of associated)
  • The athenians approved of this advice, but phokion came forward and declared that he had never associated with the man, or had any acquaintance with him.

216 words made from the letters assisited

3 letter words made from assisited:

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4 letter words made from assisited:

5 letter words made from assisited:

isaie, saeid, sissi, setai, satie, sdate, essai, aditi, deats, sates, taide, estai, saied, sated, seats, sedis, sista, stead, daiei, sisde, sesia, deiss, idtis, disas, seida, disti, sidea, adsit, sists, issed, iasis, dasti, sises, tsadi, deist, saedi, aside, seita, issia, tassi, aides, aidit, sitia, tased, sedia, issei, staid, setia, diest, sessi, desai, siida, tasse, saiid, sites, tisei, teiid, sitae, aesti, sidis, tsade, assis, siste, sades, tasss, siess, asset, estas, assed, essad, daise, steai, tiida, edits, sedai, ieast, adits, saist, sides, easts, teads, stais, staes, saite, idite, stasi, diate, sadis, dates, eisai, sisti.

6 letter words made from assisited:

estadi, stassi, taisei, assist, datisi, deists, sassed, dassie, idesia, essist, essais, idaite, sestia, assise, isseis, tsades, saidit, saidst, sisted, siesta, assest, teiids, stases, steads, stasis, sadist, isatis, tsadis, tasses, deiist, tisias, asides, asitis, disses, iadies, assets, aidest, daises, saeidi, sateds, desist, sissed, sadies.

7 letter words made from assisited:

desists, distasi, dassies, saisset, siestas, sadists, tassies.