Correct spelling for ASSISTANACE

We think the word assistanace is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for assistanace

  • Assistant(Definition of assistant)
  • Knowing her whereabouts all the time, he had allotted her the past year, as an employer would grant a holiday to an assistant.

  • Assistants
  • Certainly you may see them, and perhaps offer an opinion on their progress, which has so far been in the hands of your assistants.

  • Insistence(Definition of insistence)
  • He found the time hang heavy that he spent with cleopatra, who, in spite of his reserve, gave him to understand with more and more insistence how warmly she felt towards him; but the more she talked and the more she told him, the more silent he became, and he breathed a sigh of relief when her husband at last appeared to fetch him and cleopatra away to their mid-day meal.

  • Resistance(Definition of resistance)
  • So she yielded to his desire without resistance.

  • Assisting
  • He wanted to learn from williams whether or not there was any other player on the team who could be bribed into assisting in the plot.

  • Assistance(Definition of assistance)
  • I had noticed her before; could i be of assistance to her in any way?

328 words made from the letters assistanace

5 letter words made from assistanace:

etian, inset, casts, siste, aacta, tiens, canis, sises, sects, anesi, sents, tinea, cania, etsin, sanei, aisne, antai, sices, atsea, satie, canta, anise, cante, isaac, sasae, niess, cases, senta, cseti, icest, ciena, scans, sasia, isnae, ciste, tinca, tsana, siens, asana, steai, sants, eatin, taesa, sessi, secta, cesta, caste, tasse, antas, asian, tiaan, tsien, etnas, aecia, cient, iness, senai, assen, sansi, nesci, ecast, assan, esata, isaan, nisas, sasan, insta, sists, saist, scien, sinse, acies, asset, anasa, anies, tices, sanai, sasai, saana, satna, ieast, netas, nates, sassa, tenis, ances, issan, scent, scant, sians, cants, satin, taean, nscsa, cissa, taian, estan, entia, aatae, taani, tensa, essai, cinta, einat, sesia, aisen, sance, saina, astin, tesna, staes, setia, asena, scana, estas, tsine, sates, sains, assin, stein, canst, cites, sensa, tcisa, incas, actes, atina, senat, antic, seats, tasss, setai, seita, etica, sitae, sania, seans, cisne, centi, tanec, setin, siess, ansai, senti, tasci, saint, sinta, sasac, canet, santi, asten, cines, canai, saics, sinas, saite, tasca, naess, actin, stain, sient, easts, teian, ncaas, enact, tenia, insas, ansec, sanaa, ensis, stena, satai, sanea, necas, senia, aints, actia, saens, naias, stasi, asean, stais, stice, sceat, tines, entsi, casei, sites, assis, atias, nassi, sista, tassi, tacna, anaia, aasen, aesti, cinae, estai, saine, incae, tanas.

3 letter words made from assistanace:

ect, ies, ass, set, eta, aec, sit, sea, aas, sic, nec, iaa, ane, tec, nit, ent, sse, tea, est, ice, eat, cst, ten, sat, tin, net, ate, tic, act, tie, can, ant, cis, ana, ain, cia, ace, sin, tss, sac, etc, sen, sec, ans, ani, cat, tan, cns, tai, nsc, tia, sis.