Correct spelling for ATENTION

We think the word atention is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for atention

  • Attention
  • Then she turned her attention again to ralph.

  • Alternation
  • The third skyward road is the alternation between the other two.

  • Attentions
  • The attentions of the officers, and the flattery he received from them on my account, appeared to have more effect on my father than i could have imagined.

  • Tension
  • But that was more than she could bear; the sudden tension snapped the last shreds of her quivering strength.

  • Intention
  • My intention was to take my passage on board the halbrane so soon as she should come to her moorings in christmas harbour.

  • Inattention
  • Certainly this must have been from inattention, and not thro' any want of ability; as all his honorable friends allow him to be a politician even of metaphysical nicety.

  • Retention
  • In the madeiras, this diminution and enlargement of stature, accompanied for the most part respectively by the retention and annihilation of the powers of flight, is singularly traceable on the selfsame rocks, particularly the smaller ones of the group.

  • Detention
  • Furious at this detention, the prince took the priest by the throat as soon as he presented himself at the palace, and plucking his dagger from its sheath, swore, by the soul of his father, that he would take his life on the spot.

  • Attenuation
  • Heat of the first mashing liquor 175, mash one hour and a half, putting in your malt very gradually, and mash uncommonly well, and let it stand two hours; second liquor at 190, mash one hour, and stand two more; run down as before, boil these two runs together for one hour and a half, putting in your hops, &c., save the sugar, which is to be put in but a few minutes before striking off, at which time the rousing of the copper should commence, and so continue until the worts are nearly run off. small beer may be brewed, in the usual way, after both these worts, in which case, cold water will answer full as well as hot; pitch your strong worts at 62, with a small proportion of good yest, and let your fermenting heat rise to 80; thus your attenuation will proceed 18 degrees; cleanse with salt and bean flour as already directed, but in suitable proportion in point of quantity to your malt, fill in the usual way, and when nearly done working, use fine ale to top with, before you bung down, putting into each barrel one large handful of scalded hops, that have been previously cooled down.

180 words made from the letters atention

4 letter words made from atention:

3 letter words made from atention:

neo, ant, tia, tao, nne, eon, ane, nit, ion, ate, eat, tot, tea, nan, tie, tai, tnt, not, tet, one, tin, ton, ani, ain, net, inn, tit, ent, eta, ten, oat, tat, toe, tan.

5 letter words made from atention:

ninoa, ianto, tetia, onate, teano, tanto, tanni, niten, notte, ation, titan, tenia, teito, entia, tanit, noten, nonia, natin, itoen, totin, entin, aiton, otani, ennio, toten, tonti, tateo, onnie, toein, tieon, tanon, nieto, natio, itten, noite, atoni, tenno, tante, tatin, anino, toine, einat, anine, tonne, tenta, tanno, tanne, notat, tenon, tinea, neato, notti, taito, einon, nanto, niane, notin, nitto, tiano, taint, inane, tonna, tanti, teian, tatoi, enitt, titon, natte, otten, etian, tonin, naito, aneto, intoe, natto, tinta, eatin, intan, inano, tonen, niton, atone, anion, oaten, tanen, niota, tiant, taite.