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How to spell ATEPT correctly?

If you've misspelled "atept", don't worry! It might have been a slip of the fingers. The correct word you are looking for is actually "attempt". It's easy to make typos, so always double-check your spelling before submitting. Remember to proofread, and your writing will be error-free.

List of suggestions on how to spell atept correctly

  • adapt
  • adept The artist was adept at creating beautiful and realistic portraits.
  • adepts The adepts spent years studying and practicing to become masters of their craft.
  • adopt I am planning to adopt a rescue dog from the animal shelter.
  • apt She is apt to become emotional during sad movies.
  • atilt The airplane was atilt, and the passengers were instructed to brace for impact.
  • atop The cat sat atop the bookshelf, watching the room below.
  • atp At the tennis tournament, they had the ATP finals.
  • attempt
  • attest My paper was attest to by my professor.
  • DEPT
  • inept The new employee was so inept that he kept making mistakes on even the most basic tasks.

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