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How to spell ATERA correctly?

If you have misspelled "atera", there are a few correct suggestions that could help. One possibility is "terra", meaning earth or land in Latin. Another option is "carat", a unit of weight for gemstones. Lastly, "later", the correct spelling for referring to a specific point in time, might be what you intended to write.

List of suggestions on how to spell atera correctly

  • agra I had the opportunity to visit the famous Taj Mahal in Agra during my trip to India.
  • ara
  • area The living room area was perfect for entertaining guests.
  • artery The coronary artery supplies blood to the heart muscle.
  • ATARI I used to play Atari games when I was a child.
  • ate
  • Atria The Atria of the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Kogod Courtyard provide a beautiful space for visitors.
  • Audra Audra is the name of a singer.
  • aura Before going on stage, she took a deep breath and banished her aura of nervousness.
  • eater The pizza eater finished the whole pie in one sitting.
  • eaters Not all spiders are eaters, but all eaters are spiders.
  • eatery I'm going to try out that new eatery downtown tonight.
  • era The Renaissance era was known for its great artistic achievements.
  • tara Istanbul's legendary former sultan's palace, the Kariye complex, has a garden named Tara.
  • Teri Teri is coming to visit us tomorrow.
  • TERR The room was hot and stuffy, especially with the closed door keeping the terr from circulating air.
  • Terra The planet Terra is the Earth's only known natural satellite.
  • tetra I have a tetra fish named Max.
  • uteri The motherhood experience is something which is highlighted during the Uteri exhibit at the M+ Museum.
  • watery After a long day of hiking, my feet were so watery from the sweat that it was difficult to walk.

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