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How to spell ATTION correctly?

If you meant to type "attention" but accidentally spelled it as "attion", fear not! Auto-correct mishaps happen to the best of us. To rectify the error, a few correct suggestions include "attention", "action", and "attrition". Remember to stay diligent while typing to avoid future slip-ups!

List of suggestions on how to spell attion correctly

  • action The action movie had viewers at the edge of their seats.
  • anion The chloride ion is a common anion found in salt.
  • attain
  • ATTN Please send your report to Joe Smith, ATTN: Human Resources.
  • auction The auction featured several items of historical interest.
  • cation The positively charged cation is attracted to the negatively charged anion.
  • caution I advise you to exercise caution when walking on the wet floor.
  • lotion She applied the lotion to her dry skin before getting dressed.
  • motion The motion of the ocean can make some people seasick.
  • nation The nation is a group of people who share a common culture and speak the same language.
  • notion My notion of a perfect vacation involves relaxing on a beach with a good book.
  • option I have the option to order pizza or cook something for dinner.
  • potion The witch brewed a new potion to cure the prince's illness.
  • ration I am on a ration of three portions a day.

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