What is the correct spelling for AUDINCES?

This word (Audinces) may be misspelled. Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for. If you click on the links, you can find more information about these words.

Correct spelling for AUDINCES

We think the word audinces is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for audinces

  • audience Go into any audience addressed by a public speaker, and you will perceive that his hearers' interest depends on whether he is getting to the point.
  • Indices All the friends and relatives present were nice people, who exhibited becoming signs of pleasure and gaiety at being there; but as regards the vigour with which these emotions were expressed, it may be stated that a slight laugh from far down the throat and a slight narrowing of the eye were equivalent as indices of the degree of mirth felt to a Ha-ha-ha!
  • alliances Sir Henry Vane was member of a committee of the Council of State appointed in 1649 to consider alliances and relations with the European powers.
  • advances So she resolved to make no more advances to her child until the day came-and a voice within told her that come it must-when he himself longed for his own mother.
  • adduces The same author adduces, as additional signs of subsidence, some ruined towns, now half under water, in the Lake Menzaleh, and channels of ancient arms of the Nile submerged with their banks beneath the waters of that same lagoon.
  • evinces All nations have a right to choose their own form of government, and the sovereignty of the people is a doctrine that evinces itself; for whenever the people choose to be masters, they always are so, and none can hinder them.
  • dunces Then you would have a set of dunces.
  • audiences And believe me, gentlemen, audiences ain't what they used to be.
  • ounces Break up the vermicelli, and place it with three ounces of the cheese well mixed together in a pie-dish; add seasoning and milk, and bake for about half an hour, stirring once or twice at the beginning.
  • educes
  • affiances
  • dances
  • cadences
  • anti-christ

320 words made from the letters audinces

3 letter words made from audinces:

des, dun, can, nsu, din, aid, sea, nad, ace, sac, end, dna, ani, sue, icu, dia, sec, sin, die, due, den, dec, sun, iud, usa, ice, cia, uni, aec, uns, cis, cad, cue, ane, ain, cud, ade, sad, use, ies, dis, nsc, nec, anu, ans, cns, sic, das, sen, ida, uca, scd.

4 letter words made from audinces:

duin, cans, said, dcau, daei, neid, disc, cain, ides, case, duen, dane, nied, uden, udai, aids, nudi, neus, enic, anus, esna, enad, inec, saue, aiud, usen, aide, icse, suan, dais, asud, duce, suin, nsui, dune, sade, scid, sude, iced, cade, sadu, udis, suen, naud, ndau, ainu, siau, cane, sine, idun, nude, nuda, duni, acid, sein, nucd, sadi, cudi, scen, asin, daen, dias, udin, duse, asnd, danu, esau, dein, cedi, iesu, dieu, idea, side, send, scad, deca, aden, sane, dean, nicu, scan, daus, suea, scun, inus, daie, enid, dasu, dice, nice, duei, caiu, acne, sida, ices, sian, duis, cuan, unie, deci, dine, used, edun, saun, disa, inca, dniu, saud, sand, dace, dsei, ends, scud.

5 letter words made from audinces:

duces, asuni, saned, nidus, unies, dance, edain, sedan, saidu, ansec, dcase, sudan, saine, csaid, dunce, sidea, sudin, cause, sandu, dicus, ciena, usnea, desac, cunei, undie, adeus, diena, snide, aisen, dices, dunes, edinu, danse, incus, sadun, siuan, aunis, senia, unces, dusen, sedia, senad, nidau, isnae, audin, udasi, nucis, asdic, nudes, usdan, danic, ducis, educa, saudi, icade, endau, scend, naude, cines, isnad, acned, cinae, adeni, auden, anise, scaud, dains, seuna, scien, naidu, desai, causi, dunis, udine, sedna, sined, nause, sanei, deusi, nudie, aside, sunde, dinse, densa, aisne, nsaid, ecusa, unida, useni, saied, ednas, naide, ducan, suena, aedui, cased, uisce, sance, acuse, dunia, sueca, canid, sdein, daise, indec, dunas, cundi, canis, anies, siuda, dinas, suina, casei, andes, indes, seida, saedi, sunia, saude, indus, seiun, duans, iancu, saeid, aides, sucia, usine, indue, dacus, acide, ances, uceda, nicad, sedai, sunda, dines, incas, deans, cisne, usain, inuse, aunes, acies, senai, endas, anesi, adieu, sauce, usian, sedin, suica, incae, nesci, necas, inced.

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