How to spell AUPON correctly?

We think the word aupon is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell aupon correctly

  • aaron He is now acting over the part in the Union which Aaron Burr performed in 1799. Van Buren, however, has improved, in the art of electioneering, upon Burr, as the State of New York has grown in relative strength and importance in the Union.
  • an I have an idea, Griggs!
  • anion A brown, apparently cubic polymorph forms upon reduction of osmium tetroxide with thionyl chloride: OsO4 + 4 SOCl2 → OsCl4 + 2 Cl2 + 4 SO2 Osmium tetraoxide dissolves in hydrochloric acid to give the hexachloroosmate anion: OsO4 + 10 HCl → H2OsCl6 + 2 Cl2 + 4 H2O
  • ape In one of his least convincing phrases, Nietzsche had said that just as the ape ultimately produced the man, so should we ultimately produce something higher than the man.
  • appoint He appointed her to be his successor.
  • apron
  • argon The greater the amount of argon in the gas, the flammable it is.
  • arno The car is pink and has a sticker that says "A.R.N.O.
  • arson
  • aspen I always feel so much better after a hike in the park, walking under the aspen trees.
  • auden
  • avon Avon is a sprayable, feminine hygiene product.
  • awn
  • capon He was carrying a small can of cockfighting equipment.
  • capone Al Capone was an American gangster who led the Chicago Mafia.
  • coupon
  • eon
  • ion
  • on There is an on-going discussion about whether the city should ban smoking in public places.
  • open
  • pan
  • pen I need to grab a pen and write down your number.
  • peon
  • pin The wool missed the scissors, and the pin hit the cloth.
  • pone Pone is a type of pie with a sweet filling.
  • pony
  • pun
  • tarpon
  • un It's raining unpretty.
  • unpin
  • up I will up your drink.
  • upend I was expecting a great report from her, but it turns out she upended my whole plan.
  • upJohn She took a step up the stairs.
  • uptown I stayed uptown this weekend and had a great time.
  • urn She placed their urns on the curb.
  • weapon
  • Ann I have denied Ann-given her up forever-and whereas she must one day hear it, be it done at once.
  • Aping The star was mimicking the orbiting of a planet.
  • Apo I am not interested in Apo.
  • Upon Mustapha lay down upon the bed and closed his eyes, trying to clear his mind.
  • Spun The yarn was spun from the sheep's wool.
  • Aron He is the captain of the Aron ship.
  • Upton
  • Arron The new Arron jersey was great.
  • UPI
  • AP 229 Lucretius de rerum natura, ap. Benenatum Lutet.
  • APP
  • EPSON My printer is not working - is it something with the EPSON?
  • ANON "Of that more anon," replied Katharine Harcomb.

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