Correct spelling for AUTCTION

We think the word autction is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for autction

  • Abduction(Definition of abduction)
  • Have you-ah-formulated any theory to account for your-ah-abduction?"

  • Action(Definition of action)
  • Looking at the still unconscious halsey, she felt that there was time enough for further action.

  • Addition(Definition of addition)
  • The maro was now wrapped up, and increased in its splendour by the addition of a small piece of red feathers, which one of the priests gave otoo when he had it on, and which he stuck into it.

  • Diction(Definition of diction)
  • With this temperate rationalism is combined a clearness and purity of diction, founded on the ciceronian style, but without cicero's sumptuousness of structure, that recalls the best prose of the silver age.

  • Attrition(Definition of attrition)
  • 6. some think that sparks falling off from the ethereal fire, as they are able to proceed but a short distance, soon become extinguished; or, perhaps, that rays of fire coming against the dense clouds, sparkle from the suddenness of the contact; or that some light attaches itself to a cloud, and taking the form of a star, runs on as long as it is supported by the power of the fire; but being presently exhausted by the magnitude of the space which it traverses, it becomes dissolved into air, passing into that substance from the excessive attrition of which it originally derived its heat.

  • Actuation(Definition of actuation)
  • As well as the other advantages of direct valve actuation by an overhead camshaft, a bevel shaft with a sliding spline was the easiest way to allow for this expansion.

  • Avocation(Definition of avocation)
  • His father, to whom he wrote an account of the step he had taken, with his motives for it, was far from being offended at it; tho' he told him it added to his trouble, to think his eldest son should be compelled, by his having entered into a second marriage, to have recourse to any avocation whatever for bread; but concluded with telling him, that in the severe necessity of their present circumstances, he could not have pitched on any thing more agreeable to his inclinations, or more honourable in itself.

  • Agitation(Definition of agitation)
  • He walked up and down the room in strong agitation.

  • Automation(Definition of automation)
  • Adept (comics), a superheroine in the marvel comics universe adept (dungeons & dragons), a class in the dungeons & dragons role-playing game magic online adepts, chat moderators for magic: the gathering online trading card game adepts, characters in the video game series golden sun with the ability to use psynergy adept technology, a robotics, vision, automation controls company st adept, a tugboat in service with the admiralty from 1947 to 1957 a trade name of the pharmaceutical drug icodextrin a trade name of the insecticide diflubenzuron

  • Attention(Definition of attention)
  • This old dame's visit put me out, and i was going to beg her to postpone her visit, when something mysterious in her countenance caught my attention.

  • Attraction(Definition of attraction)
  • "and then," penelope continued, with the air of not having heard her companion's last remark, "he possesses also a very great attraction.

  • Detection(Definition of detection)
  • Detection was impossible, for by meschini's skilful management, the original and the official copy corresponded exactly and were such marvellous forgeries as to defy discovery.

  • Auction(Definition of auction)
  • I took her off the auction block and made her a woman among her equals, didn't i?

  • Unction(Definition of unction)
  • The others found an unction in my words, and that they operated in them what i said.

  • Education(Definition of education)
  • This homage to rank and education is not sincere.

  • Affection(Definition of affection)
  • She added, swiftly, "and then you will listen to affection, will you not?"

  • Adulation(Definition of adulation)
  • He had thus access to the court, where he improved his opportunities by unstinted adulation of the emperor and his favourite eunuch earinus.

  • Audition(Definition of audition)
  • Born and raised in pacoima in the san fernando valley, cedars professional acting career did not begin until shortly after his admission to hastings law school when, on an impulse, he decided to audition for, and was accepted into the mfa theater program at ucla and graduated in 1978.

  • Addiction(Definition of addiction)
  • We conclude that despite widespread use of narcotic drugs in hospitals, the development of addiction is rare in medical patients with no history of addiction.

221 words made from the letters autction

3 letter words made from autction:

nit, anu, cot, tic, nut, utc, tiu, icu, uni, tan, cia, oct, act, oui, tau, tin, ant, otc, cio, ion, ain, out, ton, iou, not, can, tnt, tun, tai, oca, uca, tao, ani, tot, oat, tit, cut, con, uta, tat, cat, tia.

5 letter words made from autction:

ciona, nauti, tanit, catto, taito, tinct, tauon, notti, tunic, ianto, toica, cutan, outta, tacit, cotti, ontic, tatou, cinto, cutto, canot, tauco, otani, nitto, titan, caion, autin, ticao, tocai, tatin, octan, tincu, cuota, canut, attic, aiton, ation, natto, tanto, intuc, tatoi, ionut, conta, otaci, incut, noica, tocut, ocain, aiuto, count, titon, tanui, atout, iancu, caton, nicot, tonti, citta, tiano, cotai, tanco, tuita, autti, iacon, utina, taint, tatun, actin, tinca, tinta, ciano, naito, cinta, utian, antic, tutin, tanti, unoci, conti, notat, tiant, canio, onuci, uinta, atoni, cantu, tauno, cinoa, totin, tuina, uniat, coati, cantt, cotan, caito, actio, canto, utica, niota, natio, cuito, tonic, tonci, taunt.

4 letter words made from autction:

iton, coua, cuti, tito, auto, cutt, nuoc, ainu, cunt, aunt, caiu, inca, tuoi, toti, coat, onca, aoun, nato, utca, toci, tuna, otic, tout, nito, itno, tuto, utan, coin, uaoc, taou, toun, noua, octa, tact, iuno, anti, ciao, anio, icao, tuno, atun, tato, taon, oita, nuit, nuta, tuti, unti, otti, icon, tiao, uict, iota, unio, cant, tati, toit, taco, unco, cain, tatu, tint, inoa, cuit, cuan, iott, cnut, tian, taut, unit, nout, tion, tuni, tuin, nicu, cuon.