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How to spell AUTHERED correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "authered", it's likely a misspelling of "authored". To avoid confusion, you could consider using alternatives like "wrote", "penned" or "composed". Remember to proofread your work or rely on spell-checkers to catch such errors and ensure the accuracy of your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell authered correctly

  • authored The book was authored by a well-known scientist in the field of genetics.
  • bothered I am bothered by the loud noise coming from the construction site next door.
  • Fathered He is said to have fathered several children out of wedlock.
  • Furthered The project was furthered by the contributions of the team members.
  • gathered The family gathered around the table for a cozy dinner together.
  • Lathered I lathered up the soap in my hands before washing my face.
  • Mothered Jane always mothered her younger siblings, making sure they had everything they needed.
  • Pothered Fulfilling one's potential is very important, and this is where pothered comes in.
  • tethered The horse was tethered to the post outside the general store.
  • Ushered The usher ushered us to our seats in the theater.
  • uttered The only sound that was uttered was the creaking of the old wooden door.
  • withered The flowers in the vase had withered and died due to lack of water.

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