Correct spelling for AUTIONS

We think the word autions is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for autions

  • Anions By contrast, many closo- borane anions, such as B12H122- do not react with air; salts of these anions are metastable because the closo- structure creates a very high activation energy barrier to oxidation.
  • Asians In the years that followed groups of East Indians, Europeans, and a small community of Asians and Middle Easterners (Lebanese and Syrians) developed their own communities in Barbados in the late 20th century.
  • Cations A few other bromine cations are known, namely the brown Br+3 and dark brown Br+5.
  • actions These actions are superhuman events and fatal which man must not judge nor feel any sentiment concerning them save one of mysterious respect.
  • cautions He was, at last, allowed to tell his own story,-after repeated cautions.
  • unions In Chhattisgarh those Chamars who still cure hides and work in leather belong either to the Kanaujia or Ahirwar subcastes, the former of whom take their name from the well-known classical town of Kanauj in northern India, while the latter are said to be the descendants of unions between Chamar fathers and Ahir mothers.
  • rations He does know the food he eats and the food that he would like to eat; moreover, he knew, in German East Africa, what his rations ought to be, and how to do without them.
  • options Such trivial options abound in the scientific life.
  • nations They fought against all the nations living in Canada, and their name was a subject of general apprehension.
  • auctions The court bailiffs are responsible for: enforcing judicial decisions concerning pecuniary and non-pecuniary claims, securing the aforesaid claims, enforcing other writs of execution issued pursuant to separate provisions and writs of execution requiring to be enforced pursuant to separate provisions by way of court enforcement without providing them with the enforcement clause, drawing up the report regarding the actual state of affairs before commencing legal proceedings and issuing decisions- if ordered by the court or prosecutor, serving court notices, announcements, objections, complaints and other documents against a receipt and date-annotation, exercising official supervision of the voluntary public auctions with adjudication to the lowest and highest bidder- upon a motion from the auction organizer.
  • auditions The scene used in the auditions belonged to "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things," with Sam explaining to Jon how his father forced him to take the black.

213 words made from the letters autions

3 letter words made from autions:

oat, ant, sot, out, oui, ton, ans, iou, sit, nit, tin, anu, tia, tiu, sin, tao, uni, sou, uns, ion, ain, tai, nut, oas, nsu, tun, sun, tau, sat, usa, ani, son, uta, tan, iso, not.

5 letter words made from autions:

aints, isnot, sitno, sunao, atous, taosi, aunis, sunia, tunis, naito, satun, tiano, suina, aitus, ousia, asuni, iotas, tions, outis, natus, tuina, natos, otani, santu, osita, snout, suita, insta, staun, isoun, tonis, saint, astin, utian, stoun, tanui, usian, stain, atsuo, touns, stoia, saton, tauno, ouais, sauti, uinta, aiton, ostan, sonti, ation, niota, onias, tauon, nutso, suona, aotus, aiuto, nisou, tansu, antos, uniat, utina, satin, saito, tonus, osuna, ionut, units, usain, anous, nuits, tsuna, tsuno, siano, notas, autos, sanou, ianto, saunt, santi, tinus, sutin, utans, suton, anios, natio, aunts, sinta, osani, sutan, autin, tosin, oints, nauti, tinos, atoni, itosu, siuan, tuans, tosun, stoai, tsion.

4 letter words made from autions:

nuta, inst, taon, unti, onus, toun, suin, atun, oust, tian, aoun, suan, nsui, ainu, sian, taou, otus, utan, anti, nast, nito, snit, sion, iuno, noua, nato, itno, unio, nuit, inus, iota, aunt, tuni, tuno, tous, suao, oita, asin, nits, tons, nout, tuis, suon, tsui, naso, taos, tsou, iton, asio, otis, nuts, sonu, stun, tiao, tuna, unit, oast, snot, osun, anio, saun, tuoi, siau, suoi, suto, inoa, anus, soua, sita, tion, tuin, sant, nous, auto, suit.

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