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How to spell AVES correctly?

If you have misspelled "aves", there are some possible correct suggestions you can consider. The correct spelling could be "aaves" or "avas". Double-checking the dictionary or using spell-checking tools can help ensure the accuracy of your spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell aves correctly

  • ABES
  • Aces He always plays his cards right and gets nothing but aces on his test scores.
  • AES AES is a popular encryption algorithm used to secure data.
  • Ages It takes ages for the ice to melt in Antarctica.
  • Ales I tried a new type of ales at the local brewery.
  • Alves Alessandro Alves is a Brazilian footballer who played for Roma and Sevilla.
  • Ames Ames is a city in Iowa that is known for its beautiful parks and gardens.
  • Apes Apes are highly intelligent animals that yawn in a contagious manner.
  • Ares Ares was often depicted as a fierce and brutal god of war.
  • Av es
  • Ave The street was adorned with tall trees on either side of the ave.
  • Aver After intense investigation, the detective was able to aver that the suspect was guilty.
  • Avers The lawyer avers that his client is innocent of the charges filed against him.
  • Avis Avis Budget Group is a leading rental car provider serving over 170 countries worldwide.
  • AVs AVs, or autonomous vehicles, are becoming increasingly popular in the transportation industry.
  • Awes
  • Axes The lumberjack wielded his axes with skill and precision as he chopped down the tree.
  • Ayes During the voting session, the ayes had it with a majority of 70%.
  • Caves The explorers found ancient drawings on the walls of the caves.
  • Eaves The birds were perched on the eaves of the roof, chirping a sweet melody.
  • Eves Eves is a plural noun that refers to the day or period of time preceding a special occasion, such as Christmas or New Year's Eve.
  • Faves I love trying new recipes, but these three dishes are my faves.
  • Haves The haves in our society often do not recognize the struggles of the have-nots.
  • Ives Charles Ives was an American composer and insurance executive who lived in the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • Laves The soap lathers well and laves my skin feeling clean and soft.
  • Naves The ceiling of the cathedral was supported by massive naves.
  • Paves Her dedication and hard work paves the way for her success in life.
  • Raves Many people attend raves as a way to let loose and forget about their troubles.
  • Saves The software saves all your work automatically.
  • VES
  • Waves The sound of crashing waves soothes my soul.
  • Yves Yves is a French name for boys.

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