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How to spell AVYSMENT correctly?

If you've ever come across the misspelling "Avysment", fret not! The correct term you're likely looking for is "Avisement". This word refers to a careful consideration or thoughtful reflection. So, the next time you encounter "Avysment", remember to use "Avisement" in its place for accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell Avysment correctly

  • Abasement The abasement of his self-esteem was evident after receiving constant criticism from his peers.
  • Abashment She could not hide her abashment when she tripped and fell in front of everyone at the party.
  • Absent She was absent from school for three days due to illness.
  • Abutment The dental crown was securely anchored to the abutment.
  • Advisement I scheduled a meeting with my academic advisor for advisement on my course selection for next semester.
  • Ailment He was suffering from a minor ailment that kept him home from work.
  • Aliment Fresh fruits and vegetables are important sources of essential nutrients and serve as an ideal aliment for maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Amusement The amusement park was bustling with laughter and excitement.
  • Argument She presented her side of the argument with passion and conviction.
  • Armament The country spent billions of dollars on military armament to strengthen its defense capabilities.
  • Ascent After months of training, she finally attempted the treacherous ascent of Mount Everest.
  • Assent She nodded in assent, indicating her agreement with the plan.
  • Augment The research team plans to augment their findings with additional data from a larger sample size.
  • Pavement I tripped and fell on the uneven pavement while walking down the street.
  • Payment The payment for the new laptop can be made in installments.
  • Ravishment She succumbed to the ravishment of the beautiful sunset, losing herself in its breathtaking colors and serene atmosphere.
  • Vestment The priest wore a beautiful gold vestment during the church service.

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