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How to spell AYAR correctly?

The misspelling "ayar" could be corrected to "air", "ayer", "ayera" or "Ayer". The correct one depends on the context and intended meaning. "Air" refers to the mixture of gases in Earth's atmosphere, "ayer" could be a surname or a Spanish verb meaning "to take care of", "ayera" is a feminine noun for a type of boat, and "Ayer" is a town in Massachusetts.

List of suggestions on how to spell ayar correctly

  • AAR The AAR train derailment was caused by a faulty track switch.
  • Adar In Jewish tradition, the month of Adar is considered a time of joy and celebration.
  • Afar The herd of wildebeest could be seen from afar as they migrated across the savannah.
  • Agar Agar is commonly used as a solid substrate for the growth of microorganisms.
  • Ajar The door was left ajar, allowing a cold draft to come in.
  • Alar Alar was used as a pesticide on apples until it was banned in the 1980s.
  • Amar " Amar loves to explore different types of cuisines from around the world."
  • AYA
  • Ayah The ayahs from the Quran are considered as guidance for all Muslims.
  • Ayaz Ayaz is a skilled programmer who enjoys building websites and applications.
  • AYR AYR is a beautiful coastal town in Scotland.
  • Iyar In Israel, the month of Iyar is recognized as a time for celebrating the country's independence.
  • YAR

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