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How to spell AYSE correctly?

If you come across the misspelling "ayse", here are a few possible suggestions that could correct it. One option could be "ayes", which means agreement or affirmation. Another could be "ayes" as a plural form of "aye", meaning yes. Lastly, "ayes" can also refer to the positive votes in a parliamentary procedure.

List of suggestions on how to spell ayse correctly

  • Apse The cathedral was renowned for its stunning apse, adorned with detailed mosaics.
  • ASE The ASE certification guarantees that mechanics have been properly trained and possess the necessary skills to repair a wide range of vehicles.
  • ASSE I slipped and nearly fell on my asse.
  • Aye " Aye, I will definitely attend the meeting tomorrow."
  • AYE After a prolonged discussion, everyone in the meeting unanimously agreed with a resounding "AYE."
  • Ayes The chairman called for the ayes and nays, and the decision was made with overwhelming support from the ayes.
  • AYS I always say "ays" instead of "yes" as a playful way to respond.
  • NYSE Many well-known companies are listed on the NYSE including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and General Electric.

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