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How to spell AZUE correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "azue" instead of "azure", fear not! The correct suggestion for this misspelling would be "azure". "Azure" refers to a bright blue color, often associated with the sky or a clear body of water. It's important to double-check our spellings to convey the right message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell azue correctly

  • abbe The abbe was a respected member of the clergy.
  • Abe " Abe is my best friend and we have known each other since childhood.
  • abuse It is never acceptable to use physical abuse as a means of discipline.
  • ace He is an ace at playing tennis.
  • ache
  • adze
  • age
  • ague He was struck down with ague after his trip to the swampy marshland.
  • aide
  • ale She had a cold, and she needed a drink of ale to settle her stomach.
  • aloe The aloe plant is a succulent that can be found in warm climates.
  • Amie I am excited to meet Amie, my new colleague.
  • amur
  • amuse I'm sorry, I can't help you with that - I'm trying to amuse myself!
  • Anne My name is Anne, but everyone calls me Nanny.
  • ape The ape at the zoo swung from branch to branch with ease.
  • apse The apse of the cathedral contained several beautiful stained glass windows.
  • aqua The crystal clear water of the Caribbean is known for its aqua hue.
  • are The are is a verb which means "to be.
  • argue I cannot believe she would argue with me about this.
  • ashe
  • ate
  • au I would like to study abroad in Australia (AU).
  • aug
  • auk Iruck is a dangerous cave with a large auk.
  • AUX I plugged in my AUX cord for my MP3 player.
  • Ave
  • awe The magnificent sunset left us in awe.
  • axe The axe was lying on the ground next to the victim.
  • Aye " Aye, captain, I will steer the ship in the direction you instructed.
  • az
  • Azov Azov is a southern Ukrainian region which borders Russia.
  • azt
  • azure The sky is a beautiful azure.
  • daze The victim was in a state of mental daze.
  • faze Do not faze me with your ridiculous offers.
  • gaze
  • haze The haze from the forest fire reduced visibility to a few hundred yards.
  • laze I love to laze on the beach on a hot summer day.
  • maze In the maze, you must find the key to exit.
  • raze
  • sue
  • Zoe Zoe is a good friend.

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