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How to spell BAATHS correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "baaths" instead of "baths", worry not! Common misspellings happen to the best of us. Some possible correct suggestions for your error include "baths", "baths" or "bathes". Remember to double-check your spelling next time to avoid such small mishaps!

List of suggestions on how to spell baaths correctly

  • baas The farm workers were afraid of the baas because he yelled at them often.
  • barth I need a drink before the barth tonight.
  • bath The bath was hot and the water was soapy.
  • bathe I like to bathe in the morning to start my day fresh and clean.
  • bathes She bathes her cat every week to keep its fur clean and healthy.
  • bathos His speech started off strong and powerful, but quickly became diluted with bathos and cliches.
  • Baths
  • bats
  • berths The ship had several empty berths available for new passengers to board.
  • Births The hospital reported a record number of births this month.
  • booths We went to the booths to pick out our treats.
  • breaths
  • Bypaths The hikers decided to take the bypaths through the forest instead of the main trail.

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