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How to spell BABYS correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "babys" instead of "babies", don't worry! Here are some correct alternatives: "baby's" to indicate possession, "babes" to refer to infants or simply "babies" for the plural form. Remember to proofread your writing to avoid future misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell babys correctly

  • ABS The ABS has released its latest figures on regional crime.
  • abyss The thought of the abyss below his feet made him dizzy.
  • baas The baas of the company is responsible for managing its operations.
  • babe
  • babels Babels is a large church in the center of the city.
  • BABES All the babes in the bar were slamming pilsners.
  • Babies
  • baby I heard the soft cry of a baby coming from the nursery.
  • babysat I babysat my neighbor's kids last night.
  • babysit I need to babysit my nephew while my parents are out on vacation.
  • barbs The barbs on the cactus are sharp and pointy.
  • bars I love going to dive bars to enjoy a cold beer and good music.
  • bass The bass player in the band had an impressive collection of colorful bass guitars.
  • Bayes Bayes' theorem is a mathematical formula used to calculate conditional probabilities.
  • Bays The coastline was dotted with small bays and coves.
  • bbs I have a blog on Blogger called Bbs.
  • BIBS I always keep a few bibs in my diaper bag for my messy eater.
  • blabs She always blabs about her problems to anyone who will listen.
  • bobs I can bobs my head to the music.
  • boys My little boys are so cute.
  • brays The donkey brays loudly in the morning as the sun rises over the field.
  • buys My mom buys groceries every week.

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