How to spell BACCA correctly?

We think the word bacca is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell bacca correctly

  • aback Hal was quite taken aback - almost too taken aback to speak; but a red spot burned in each cheek, and a sudden flash seemed to gleam angrily in her eyes.
  • abc United States more than 1,500 (including nearly 1,000 stations affiliated with the five major networks - NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and PBS; in addition, there are about 9,000 cable TV systems) (1997)
  • ac Ultro ac prior scripsit C. Calvo post famosa eius adversum se epigrammata.
  • ba
  • baa
  • baal Baal is the god of rain and thunder.
  • baas It was the turn of the boss to give a speech.
  • baccy I always pack my baccy when I go away on vacation.
  • bach I love listening to Bach on Bach holiday.
  • back
  • backer Can I be your backer?
  • bacon
  • badge She has a badge that says "I am a firefighter.
  • bag
  • baggy I thought I put my clean clothes in the baggy, but evidently I didn't.
  • bake
  • baker
  • baku I don't know what baku is, but it looks interesting.
  • bar I'm going to the bar to have some drinks.
  • barge I saw a barge floating in the river.
  • bark
  • basic I need to get my basic needs met.
  • batch I'm going to make a batch of popcorn.
  • bay
  • beck I am going to the store to buy some more Beck's beer.
  • black
  • boa I'm going to eat at the boa restaurant.
  • bock
  • buck
  • ca
  • cacao
  • cc My father always sends me a card on Christmas Day with a picture of him and my mother.
  • coca My grandma always drinks coca-cola.
  • mecca Although I had never been to Mecca before, I could feel the power of the holy city the moment I set foot on the
  • sacco I eat cheese, sausage, and olives, but I refuse to eat the sacco.
  • tobacco
  • yucca The yucca tree is a common sight in the desert.
  • Backs
  • Bah I bah need some new clothes.
  • Barack
  • Barclay I'm going to Barclay's to buy a new phone.
  • Becky My best friend, Becky, is the smartest, nicest person I know.
  • Bianca
  • Decca Her father was a Decca Records owner.
  • BIA
  • BIC
  • BC
  • CCU The CCU is a hospital unit which deals with critically ill patients.
  • BBC He kept mentioning the BBC.
  • yacc The Yacc program can be used to translate expressions from one language to another.
  • NCAA
  • CECA The Charlottesville Convention and Visitors Bureau is the place to go for info on the city.
  • BUICK In 1916, the Buick company was founded.
  • WICCA A Wiccan is a practitioner of the Pagan religion.
  • BAHIA I am from the beautiful state of Bahia in Brazil.

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  • crudity
  • crusty
  • curiosity
  • curious
  • curiously
  • ferocity