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How to spell BAFLING correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "bafling" can include "baffling", "befouling", "befalling", "befitting" or "befriending". To avoid such errors in the future, one can use spell-checking software or consult a dictionary for the correct spelling of a term or word.

List of suggestions on how to spell bafling correctly

  • babbling The baby was babbling happily as his mother pushed him in the stroller.
  • baffling The solution to the puzzle was baffling even to the most brilliant minds.
  • Bailing I was bailing water out of the boat after the big storm.
  • Baling I saw my neighbor baling hay in his field with his tractor.
  • Balling I heard that her dad is balling and can afford to buy her anything she wants.
  • barfing I was barfing a grayish green liquid all over the place.
  • Battling She was battling cancer but still managed to maintain a positive attitude.
  • bawling The baby was bawling loudly all night.
  • belling The belling of the hounds echoed through the forest, signaling the start of the hunt.
  • billing I need to know my monthly billing cycle.
  • boiling
  • bowling I love to go bowling with my friends on Saturday nights.
  • brawling I was out on a rampage, brawling more than I ever had before.
  • Buffing I'm going to spend the afternoon buffing the car to a nice shine.
  • bulling
  • failing She knew she was failing the math test when she couldn't even solve the first problem.
  • falling I was falling asleep when I was woken up by a loud sound.
  • fling He decided to have a fling with someone new after ending his long-term relationship.
  • Raffling The fundraiser is raffling off a variety of prizes.
  • waffling I'm waffling on whether or not to go.

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